Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, it's been forever since I've been on here. At least, it feels like forever! I hardly remember what to even share. Sometimes I wonder if it's even necessary to write on here anymore since I'm friends with most readers and/or facebook friends, haha. I do like having this though since I don't journal at this time. Anyway....

Just a few days after Stevie turned 3 months (September 8th to be exact), he started rolling over...on purpose! We laid him down for a late afternoon nap, and he cried. Yes, that's usual. When he finally stopped and fell asleep (unusual!), I peeked in. There he was, sound asleep on his belly. Once he started this new trick, he could not stop! It led to many a frustration on both our parts. He loved showing off. It was almost as if he was saying, "Hey Mom, watch this!"...roll..."Uh-oh"..."RESCUE ME!" "Hey Mom, watch this!"...roll..."Uh-oh"..."RESCUE ME!" Over and over and over! He forgot every time he didn't like the end result. Senior moments start early! He is getting better at tummy time though. He'll even smile for awhile and reach for the toys. Evenstill, his favorite toys by far are his hands and feet. When I try to calm him down at nap time, he seems to think my arm/hand is also a toy as I stroke his head. He reaches up for it with a smile and gives me a growl as he tries to eat me. Uhh, things used to be easier in some ways... :)

Then, on Monday, September 14th, my little boy had his first hair cut! What baby has his first hair cut at 3 months and 10 days? Well, apparently, this little one. The thought on my part was to just "trim it" since I had to tuck his hair behind his ears, and all those ladies at the grocery store thought he was a she. I don't think my boy looks like a girl at all, and I often dress him in blue with blue blankets (go figure!), yet, still I get comments about "her." Anyway.... Matt got out the clippers. We thought they would be easier than actually trying to cut a baby's hair with scissors, a baby who doesn't do so great at holding his own head up/and staying still. Matt decided to use one grade shorter? (I don't know how those things work, so I don't know how to say it) than the longest. He started buzzing away, and I melted, holding our little guy. Wait! This is wayyy shorter than a trim!!! We got it on video tape, and all you hear is the buzz and me saying repeatedly, "Ohhhh, I regret it. I regret it," Matt saying, "It's a little late now," and my dad laughing. Afterwords, I told Matt never again! We're waiting till our babies are at least 2!! haha I have to say, the cut is growing on me. It was just such a shock and much shorter than I anticipated. I do still miss the curls though. He looks different and sort of older. The video is about 5 minutes, and way too big to post. So, here are a few pictures. He really did remarkably well for a 3 month old getting his hair cut. He didn't cry till like the last minute of the 5 minute haircut. He stared at his hair laying on the table for a bit.

Just before the cut!

The evidence! Can you believe it? The pieces were a couple inches long!

The handsome boy! His hair is officially shorter than it's ever been outside the womb!

In other news, our boy is very tall. I call him, tall, dark, and handsome...hehe. He fits into some 6 month and even 9 month outfits length wise (though still mostly in 3-6's), but we're really working on bumping up his weight. We're unsure what the issue is. He hasn't seemed to gain weight since 2 months. He's growing so fast length wise (he's been off the charts since 1 month). Feeding him is often a challenge because he has been soo gassy and he just can't settle enough to eat sometimes. I don't think it's an allergy at this point. We've been supplementing with formula...I give him about 5-7 ounces or more extra a day, spread out through the day, and I'm feeding him for what seems like forever every 3 hours during the day and sometimes less, but he is still not packing it on. The extra formula has helped him sleep better and generally stay more content...we had weeks of crying. Because he was outgrowing clothes, and still filling the right amount of diapers, I didn't think it was a food issue. Plus, he's been on the thin side, except for at birth, haha, and had been doing fine. He was gaining great from birth through month 2. Then I put him on the scale and changed the batteries because I didn't believe it...and realized he hasn't really gained. It does worry me. The nurse recommended the extra formula, and we're going from there. We go to the doctor soon, and I am really looking forward to adding in the cereal, hopefully as soon as he turns 4 months. I would be interested in hearing any further advice/experience from other moms!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attempt Number...

Well, I lost count after the first few. Here is one of the earlier attempts at a family photo in late July.

Obviously, it didn't go so well.

This past Sunday: though it was at the end of a long, sticky day, we at least got a half smile out of the lil man. Grandma was jumping up and down and doing all sorts of silly things to try to make our sober boy smile. Well, it made us laugh anyway.

Sometime this month or so we're supposed to get a family photo with Matt's family. We'll see how it goes with a professional.