Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You Know How Much You're Loved?

So, today has not been going very smoothly for me, but for you, Stevie? You have been so content today. I am so thankful for you.

The other day, as Daddy was getting you up in the morning, he was singing this crazy song about you that he was making up as he went. It was something about you being his boy. It was silly. The thing that stuck out to me though, not even being in the room, was how much your Daddy loves you. This moment in time stood still as I stood in the next room and just listened to him and to you. Your Dad loves you so much he isn't afraid to be silly with you and sing like an opera man to make you smile. And so I wonder, do you know how much your Daddy loves you? Do you know how much your Mommy loves you? I felt in that moment, that yes, you enjoyed the song, but did you know, did you really know, as I do and Daddy does, the depth of our love for you...even in a silly song. You are just so little to understand it.

Later that day, Daddy was coming down the stairs, and we were playing in the living room. As he descended, he was singing that song again, "Oh, Stevie boy!" As soon as you heard him, a little smile curled across your lips and you walked quickly to the stairs to meet him. Do you know how special it is to be his little boy?

It's just another one of those instances where I see a little more of our God's love for us. We are so small and lack so much understanding. I bet there are times when God looks at us in love and says, "If only you could fully grasp how much I love you." We think we do, and at times, we have what seems like a pretty good idea of His great love, but oh how much more we have yet to learn and experience. And Stevie, you are helping me learn more about His love for us everyday, and we pray that through us, you are also learning more about His love for you each day.

I love you so much, Stephen! Love always, Mom

Friday, January 7, 2011

Swimming in January

We just signed up for a 3 month membership to the fitness center where I went to college. Tonight, we are planning to take our family of 3 (well, 4) swimming. I announced this on facebook, and the thoughts just started swirling. I thought I'd dump them here instead. You may laugh with me or at me...I'm giving full permission.

First of all, I have a significant baby bump for 23 weeks. My weight gain is also pretty much tied with my number of weeks. How's that for honesty? I had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday with another Dr. than my actual one, and he told me baby was not quite the size of Shamu yet...but apparently getting there. (Yes, he called my baby Shamu...he also referred to Goliath. He heard Stevie's size, I'm measuring ahead already, and well, he heard about Matt's birth weight and head size). Yup, he told me I'm bound to have bigger babies. Anyway, so of course going to the pool tonight, I'm thinking about Shamu.

I'm also thinking of Matt's mean jokes to me while pregnant with Stevie. (My brother Pete is usually right along with him, making jokes about my ever expanding size!) I had asked Matt 2 years ago if there was anything he wanted me to do to help him at the gas station, and he quickly told me I could sit on top of the car to keep it from blowing over! Thanks, Matt. So, now, I'm waiting for his jokes about me and Shamu entering the water...I'm sure ever so gracefully. Hopefully, there will still be water left in the pool after we jump in! I can hear his comments now... remember how he used to call, "Timberrr!!" when I'd get in bed at night when I was pregnant with Stevie? He's so sensitive. He'll probably be making whale calls or something. But really, he makes me laugh harder than most.

Another thought that's crossing my mind tonight...thinking of the picture we'll be. I had to get Stevie a bigger pair of swim trunks today. Thankfully, they were a pair from last year and only $3 at Wallyworld. They are just a little silly looking. They are navy blue with an American flag in the shape of the U.S. on one pant leg. I'm patriotic, but these are a bit silly to me. They appear to be a bit big too. Hey, $3 right? So then I thought, "Hey, if they still have some old swim trunks, maybe they have some water shoes for the locker room floor?" I found one last pair that would barely fit Stevie, but would work if the price was right. $8. No way! So, I settled on these adorable Nerf flip flops that are 1 size too big, and who knows if he'll be able to keep them on his feet. We'll test them out tonight! But hey, they are nice quality, and were....$3!

So, Stevie will be sporting his new swim trunks and flip flops tonight (and swim diapers that I'm hoping still fit!), and I'll be sporting the baby bump, and Matt...he's along for the ride...and the help! No, I'm not planning on bringing the camera along for this adventure. I'll let you use your imagination.

I'm sure it will take us forever to actually get in the pool, and we'll probably only spend 10 minutes in it. Hopefully, Stevie enjoys it!