Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Or winter cleaning. Whatever. Either way, the kids often help.

Well, they help me decide what stays and what goes!

(On a side note, Stevie did have several minutes of happy, independent play time...and sometimes, it's worth it! Well, until he got it tangled in his fire truck's wheels. Oy.)

Truck stays. Tape... what's left of it, goes.

Seeing a strung-out cassette tape reminds me of my brother Jon. He often took time to do special things for me...or just make me feel special. Though he was 6 years older than me and had other things he could do, he would take time just for me. He took apart an old cassette tape and cut it in even lengths, taping them to the ceiling, to make sort of a curtain that hung in my room. I could walk through it, and used it as a doorway and wall to my "back kitchen" when I would play restaurant. I never asked for it...and I loved it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit

I was finally able to work on and complete a project this weekend! For awhile now, I have been thinking of some way to decorate our home with the fruit of the Spirit. In teaching our children, I'm using those attributes for how our hearts should be with God's help. (So, when we are wrong, we can see how we have the opposite of kindness, patience, self-control, etc.) As the children get older, it will be easier to remember and refer to the fruit of the Spirit by being able to see the words throughout our house. I need the reminder too!

Well, this is what I came up with for now:

And a little closer look:

I'm so excited for how they turned out, being a 1 day project. I literally created the plan, went shopping, and made them all today. The frames were from the Dollar Tree. Yes! I was looking for black frames or frames to paint black...and I stumbled on these navy blue country "beauties." Then I just cut out the fruit from scrapbook paper (I printed off fruit shapes and used those for stencils) and added the fruit "name" to regular copy paper....I liked the look of Courier. I have a hallway wall I was planning to put them all on. I still may. However, I may sprinkle them around the house, so we're always near a few.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Her Hair

Lydia's hair pretty much sums up her personality.

She's a happy (or let's face it, sometimes fussy), energetic, smiley, spunky baby girl!

Love on Valentine's Day

Matt liked his post-it note surprise from the 3 of us. Later, I asked him if we've ever done anything on Valentine's Day, and we both don't think so, haha. He may have given me flowers or something the year we dated.

Stevie ended up making his card for Daddy with the stamps. I guess I was brave enough, and really, he did a great job! It was his first time with stamps and an ink pad. I think the Bingo dot markers helped a little with the "process" of stamping or dotting instead of coloring with the stamp. He tried wiping or coloring the stamp but got the idea quickly. And, he only had one smudged stamp on his hand when I walked away for a second. We were able to wipe that off, and I told him when he was all done making the card, I would give him one stamp on his hand. He was happy about that.

The rest of the day was pretty normal...until diaper change time after naps. Stevie kept asking for his truck. I was going through the "list" of his trucks in his toy basket and none of those were what he was wanting. "Ohh, you want your fire truck." His favorite truck of all, I should have known that's what he wanted. I had forgotten about it because it was taken away for a few days. My intention was for it to be taken away for an afternoon (for crashing it into his sister). Well, time went on, and Stevie was happy playing with other toys, so I decided to keep well enough alone and bring it out later. I went over the ground rules of playing with the truck nicely, and if he could do that, Mommy would go get it.

I went to our room. We had done some major re-organization of our upstairs, but I remembered exactly where it had been. It wasn't there. Thus began a huge hunt. It was no where to be found. I went through everything under our bed, in our closet, and in our "attic" area off of our bedroom. No fire truck. I was totally stumped. Matt came home, and he was stumped too. I had to find this fire truck. I gave Stevie my word that I would give it to him, and it was so important to me that I follow through....and important to him....and it was his favorite truck. So, the only place left I could think of was to search in our trash. If you know me, that's love. I have an awful time with bad smells. Matt has to wash out old milk sippy cups for me because I can't do it. I quickly realized my arms were too short to reach into the big green dumpster-like garbage can (a little inexperienced at this), so I had to tip it over and "climb" in. Most of our garbage is diapers. Need I say more? I held my breath, determined to find his truck. It didn't appear to be there. I decided to search our bedroom for the 3rd time. At this point, I was ready to announce we were going out to buy a new truck (which is very unusual for our house...but it was that important to me), when for the ridiculousness of it, I decided to check the hamper. It seemed to have filled up quicker than usual. Sure enough, there was his truck.

We still have no idea how or why it was in the hamper, but we were all thankful the lost was found, and Stevie was so thrilled to be reunited with his favorite truck. Happy Valentine's Day, Stevie.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

We "do" things simple around here. This will be what Matt receives for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I don't know if we've ever really done anything before. I'll have to ask him.

If you want to get in on this for your husband and Daddy of your kids, here you go.
You need:
* a cute toddler, baby ...or both or more
* post-it notes
* pens and markers
* stickers
* stamps

I put post-it note sheets all over Stevie's laminated placemat and let him have at it with markers (orange for his favorite color) and some stickers. I just used what we had on hand, US flag stickers, haha, but that will give Matt a chuckle.

I wrote silly love notes...conversation heart style... on my post-it notes and signed some from Lydia.

The plan is to fill my husband's car with sticky notes tonight, so when he gets in his car in the morning to go to work...he'll have a fun little surprise. He'll also get a note with heart stamps on it in the mailbox when he gets home. (He will...if I'm brave enough to let Stevie loose with stamps and an ink pad....considering he's only ever received stamps on his hands....and well, this might be body art rather than a Valentine's Day card.)