Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit

I was finally able to work on and complete a project this weekend! For awhile now, I have been thinking of some way to decorate our home with the fruit of the Spirit. In teaching our children, I'm using those attributes for how our hearts should be with God's help. (So, when we are wrong, we can see how we have the opposite of kindness, patience, self-control, etc.) As the children get older, it will be easier to remember and refer to the fruit of the Spirit by being able to see the words throughout our house. I need the reminder too!

Well, this is what I came up with for now:

And a little closer look:

I'm so excited for how they turned out, being a 1 day project. I literally created the plan, went shopping, and made them all today. The frames were from the Dollar Tree. Yes! I was looking for black frames or frames to paint black...and I stumbled on these navy blue country "beauties." Then I just cut out the fruit from scrapbook paper (I printed off fruit shapes and used those for stencils) and added the fruit "name" to regular copy paper....I liked the look of Courier. I have a hallway wall I was planning to put them all on. I still may. However, I may sprinkle them around the house, so we're always near a few.

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