Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ordinary Wednesday

This isn't too thrilling, but nevertheless, here's a glimpse of a normal Wednesday with the H's for you to "peek into."

Matt woke around 4am. He always comes back to bed after getting ready for a little more sleepy time together before he leaves a bit after 5am. He prayed, we exchanged goodbyes, no kisses this morning (he's been sick, we think the swine flu...though he's 2 days free of the fever), and I went back to sleep. I woke up a couple times, but lazily stayed in bed...until I heard those little noises coming from Stevie's room. I glance at the clock, 8:09am! Oops!! Stevie's usually up, moving, making noise around 7:45am. Sometimes I let him "play" till 8, but I'm up and moving. This morning, however, I apparently needed some extra encouragement, ahem.

I changed to a different old cross country t-shirt since Matt's been sick to try to decrease the transfer of germs when handling Stevie through the morning. And let's face it, I'm not showering before I go to get him this morning. I give myself a moment in the bathroom and enter my little boy's room with fuzzy eyes. There he is, my little roller is on his tummy, kicking his legs with great thuds, a toothy smile on his face. Of course, the little crib mirror that hangs on the side of the crib has been yanked off and is upside down next to him. We "share" good mornings and sing our daily, "Rise and shine and give God the glory glory..." I transfer him with kisses to the changing table, and unzip the sleeper to find a completely drenched onesie. I'm talking drenched up to his chin. His diaper never comes close to containing all nights' worth of urine. Thankfully, this morning was only "wet". ;) (He's in size 2...any thoughts Moms? They don't sell overnights for that size.) The wetness never seems to bother him. He actually fusses while I change him because he'd rather be eating. He chews on some toes while I change him out of the soaked onesie and into a fresh diaper, onesie, and a sleep and play. I'm silly, I know. I often put him in a sleep and play for the morning hours to start the day a little more cozily since he naps in a couple hours. (Unless his evening clothes were dry, I'd keep him in those.) Later, I'll change him into "day" clothes.

We take the bouncy trip down the stairs. I nurse Stevie while checking emails and catching up on some blogs. Then it's time for my breakfast and Stevie's oatmeal and bananas! This usually consists of lots of mmm's (unintentional of course), smiles, and "I'll have more of that please" noises. He gets some play time while I do a couple things in the kitchen. I even popped an Oreo or two. Yup, I started the day off wonderfully after my Raisin Bran, ha. Nap time arrives for the little man. Diaper change, story in the rocker ("Peekaboo I See Who?"), nap music (our wedding music, yes, it's sort of modern day Jane Austen-y to have him sleep to the music his mother and father were married to, and I love it) a mini burping session and a few more snuggles, followed by the crib. Today, he was put down around 10:15. It was rainy and dreary this morning, so I hoped he may be able to drift off to sleep on his own. When it's dark, that's more of a possibility.

I washed the dishes from breakfast, the evening bottles, and the few dishes I surrendered to the morning from last night. I checked the weather, looked through some mail from yesterday and began planning a trip to the store after nap to buy some bottle accessories (we use Dr Browns = lots of parts)...but see the coupon is not good until tomorrow. Then I heard the cries from Stevie's room at 10:45am. He still had not fallen asleep. This is typical. It takes him awhile. Check another flyer and notice one coupon expired yesterday, but another began today that I'd like to put towards a Christmas gift for my mom. Yes, I may be early to some, but if I can find good deals now, I think it's worth it!

Now, it's shower time for me. 11am. Just before, I checked on the little man. He has fallen asleep..and after only 45 mins to boot! The joy it brings me when I don't have to go to him for him to fall asleep. That doesn't happen much for nap times. The little things definitely are big things for this mom.

I put some laundry away after my shower, and at 11:40, I hear some awake noises. That wasn't a very long one! Time to get his bottle ready and feed him. Turn on the news during feeding and hear we got seventy-two hundredths of an inch of rain...interesting...? I ate my lunch and checked in on little Stellan over on MckMama's blog. He needs lots of prayer right now. I had my lunch time chat with Matt on the phone, and then changed the boy and packed up. First we went to that clothing store to look for something for my mom but didn't find anything. There used to be a shoe store right next door to it. I even asked Matt later about it just to be sure I wasn't going looney. I wanted to ask for some boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We don't have any shoe boxes this year in our house, and I sort of head it at my church, so I thought I'd get some extras for others in the same boat. Anyway, that store is no longer there. I guess that shows how often I buy shoes! We went to Walmart to print pictures (we still hadn't printed his birth pictures or ANY pictures of our firstborn child who will be 5 months next week...gasp, smack cheeks in shock, I know), and while we waited to use the kiosk? (only 1 was working...true to form), I asked for shoe boxes there, but they didn't have extras except for one without a lid. That won't really work. I also looked for an album for the pictures I was printing, but I was unsuccessful with that either (well, for the kind I was looking for anyway). I even contemplated a scrapbook, which is a hobby (though not taken up in a long time) but at the moment I now have three crafty projects on my plate for the little man, and I didn't want to go crazy in the spending department either. You ever feel like your errands were a complete waste of time? We finally got the pictures printed and headed home at 2:15. It was time to change and nurse Stevie and give him a bottle. He had a dip in his weight so he's on the super size plan, haha.

Matt came home around 3, and we popped a pizza in the oven. He has class on Wednesday nights (he's going back to school), so it's usually a quick and easy dinner. I had some talk time with Matt, I had some play time with Stevie (and time in his jump-up to work on those leg muscles), I washed bottles, and then we ate dinner with Little House on the Prairie in the background. Nellie had twins. Ever seen that one? haha (I know, I know, tv during dinner. I'm being honest here!) Nap time for Stevie came, same routine as earlier, only this time we read, "The Way to Wyatt's House" (a little paraphrased for his attention span). Matt and I spent a few more minutes together, and he was off to class.

The rest of the evening, I worked on this post, and went to wash some dishes (does it ever end?) and do some clean-up, but the napping boy had awoken. I gave him a few minutes because he needed a longer nap. Noticing he wasn't settling, I went in to rub his fuzzy little head to sleep. As much as I want him to go to sleep on his own, I do find those moments special. I'm sure he won't need me to rub his fuzzy little head when he's 18. Then I continue with a little straightening up, and start a Gilmore Girls episode online. Stevie woke up again, so even though it was a bit early, I got him up. He had his bottle and devoured his rice cereal. Stevie played contentedly on the floor with his toys for awhile. At 7:35, it was time to get everything ready for bed time. I start the water (it takes awhile to get it warm) and get out his towel, bed clothes, bring up the bottle and formula, bring Stevie upstairs while turning off lights and turning the heat down downstairs. I got out some clothes for Matt for work the next day because he gets home so late and up so early. Bath time was next and is pretty much Stevie's favorite time of the day. He kicks, he splashes, he smiles and giggles, he lets out some excited noises, and tries to grab my hands or the washcloth as I clean him. He wrestles with the towel while I dry him, and warm clothes are added to the clean little boy. It's quiet nursing time, and then he got his bottle (like I said, his meals are super sized), a few more burps while we pray, and then it was off to bed for us both by 9pm.

I waited for Matt to get home by checking email, facebook, and blogs. He came home and told me about class, we prayed, and he let out his "sleep breaths" within moments of "amen"...and I fell asleep sometime after my thoughts stopped spinning.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Pumpkining We Will Go

So, you've probably all seen these pictures on facebook, but I need some brightening up around here!

He cracks me up! We don't quite have the sitting on our own down...and...of course, his jacket is too big!

Yeah, wishing that flag wasn't there..but I don't want to chop it too much.

We had fun, but unfortunately, did not get to go in the corn maze. There wasn't anyone around to let us in. Well, we could have walked in, but the sign said it required tickets. There wasn't anyone around to help us out. Oh well. We may try again if we get another decent day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What does this one mean?

So, I don't know about you, but I have weird dreams. Usually, they are very weird, lacking much sense and all jumbled. How about you?

I thought I'd share this one. Feel free to mock it or give your "interpretation." Or, feel free to just skip it altogether!

I was dreaming that I was in high school or college (but it ended up being my college campus. Well, sort of. Places are never quite the same.). Anyway, I was taking some sort of history class. History was usually my worst subject. I just had such a hard time with the "read the chapter and answer the comprehension questions" stuff. I know, that's sort of backwords since I was pretty English-y...but I struggled with many assignments, and oddly enough somehow, ultimately did really well on the finals. Anyway, back to my dream.

My teacher/professor was Stevie's pediatrician! haha He gave us an assignment to read this chapter and write a one page paper answering the given question: something to the effect of why did these 3 groups of people have such a difficult time getting along? I had an hour. Ugh!!! I always took forever to read and try to find those answers. Of course, the girl next to me was just standing by her desk and having a grand time because she had done the assignment already last night. Therefore, she could do what she wanted. So, I read. The text book had illustrated pictures in it like a history book. Now, here's the hilarious part: My answer! I had many scribbled out parts on my paper because I had a difficult time getting my words down the way I wanted. All I could come up with from reading the "chapter" was that one guy in particular (and apparently several others amongst the "groups") would try and hit on/take however you want to word it, women of the other groups who were already married or dating someone within their own "group"/culture whatever. I know, I'm doing a fabulous job on getting my words down here too. I found it to be sort of ridiculous. I knew I must be missing the real reason they had a hard time getting along. Not that it wasn't a good reason...

So, I finally finish my little paper and get ready to turn it in. That's when I found out from above girl who had finished the thing the night before, that I needed a visual to go with my paper. Apparently, these were going to be presented at some point. By this time, it was already like 6:08. The paper was supposed to be done (eh hem, and visual too) by 6pm. Grr. So, I jump in my car to head to the store to find something to make my visual with. A girl walks out of the store with a huge stack of construction paper. Perfect. Just what I want. Of course, I get into the store, and there is NO construction paper. I don't even remember what my plan A was for the paper. So, I had to move onto plan B. Plain white index cards would have to do. What was I going to make? Man, I wish I knew the fat, rich guy's name wearing a top hat and business suit in the book who was trying to steal all the women. I was going to make his business cards!!!! The cards he gave the women he wanted to date! While this didn't happen in the text, this was a result of my creative juices. Well, the store didn't have plain white index cards either. I had to quickly try to think of a plan C. I flipped through a daily planner on a rack. I noticed it was half used, but I needed something, anything quickly. My plan was to rip out the used pages and write on several different days of the week the dinner dates he had planned with various women's names. I brought it to the register where she gave it to me for free for being half used. (Sidenote: In real life, I NEVER would have completed a project like this. I was pretty driven to finish my work as perfectly as I could. Ha!) I then went to my car, and outside the store, sat Andy Bernard (yes, from The Office) and another man in old lawn chairs debating which kind of car was the best. Andy said he always wanted a mini van because it is THE COOLEST vehicle there is...and on and true Andy fashion. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in my car, I ended up having to chase it down the road....moments later I found myself in one of those low bicycles where you sit wayy back. It was so hard to petal, and I remember thinking, I might as well get off and run...but for some reason did not. I finally made it to the building where class was, and a couple was walking towards it, commenting that they hoped there was still ice cream left. Sure enough, the building once labeled the real building it was, was replaced with the name, "Ice Cream." Then I woke up.

I know that's a long explanation. Sorry about that. Does everyone else dream like this...or am I going crazy? I probably only remember this dream because I woke up a bit stressed and frustrated that I did not get my work done and done well and done on time! Nope, I did not eat weird foods before bed either. Just a glimpse of what lies inside Becky's brain I guess.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I guess it's been a bit hectic around here, and the blog has been neglected. I started a post about all things new moms need (in a different world), but that will have to be finished and published later. My husband has been working some weird and long hours, and I've been busy with the little man. When Matt is home, and I have a bit of time to myself...even that has been going awry. I was contemplating writing a Not Me Monday post yesterday, but time got away...and now it's Tuesday, and I only had a couple of confessions. For one, I was thoroughly enjoying my shower time the other day while Matt played with Stevie. I washed my hair, squirted the conditioner into my hand, blissfully thinking about how wonderful life was while I put it in... my armpits! What, don't you do that? I laughed out loud for awhile about that one. Once I conditioned the stubble, I then used what I "should" use to go about my shaving. Aren't you glad I'm back in the blog world? I'm sure you dearly missed my random thoughts and stories about my armpits.

Right now, I have a moment because I'm hoping he is finally asleep for his nap. (Yup, I checked him. He's rolled to his belly, laying the width way in his crib. Goofy!) He fights naps so badly...other moms, please help!! We are trying to transition out of swings and other things and be more consistent about crib napping. He does so well at night. We do our little routine, I lay him down awake, and he falls asleep at some point, but I'm guessing it's pretty quickly because we don't hear anything. He has been sleeping on average 10 hours a night!! (Unfortunately, I haven't been sleeping so well...) So, why are naps just so difficult? The only thing I can think of is that it's light out?? He knows it's daytime??

Other things are going better. My little guy is finally gaining weight! I never would've guessed this department would've been so slow after entering the world such a big boy. We had to take him to get blood work done, and it was awful. I just didn't know what to expect I guess. They could not find a vein in his itty bitty arms. I was so surprised...and nervous...that they were taking blood just like they do an adult...through a vein in his elbow. Poor boy!! He was poked and poked and poked and they wiggled it around in his arm to find one. Of course, he cried, and I tried to hold him still. (Afterwords, they told me if they hadn't gotten it that time, they would've referred him to a pediatrics lab. Huh?? You actually have a pediatrics lab? If there is ever a "next time"...we are going straight there! I think my 4 month old would have qualified.) He got his first sticker (yup, it's going in his baby book), and the doctor is pleased with all the results.

Now, that we've upped his food even more, I can't seem to fill him up. He just eats and eats. Why don't they make bottles that hold 20 ounces? I feel like we need to attach bottle parts to a 2 liter! Theoretically, it shouldn't be long before he's the size of most babies his age, well, weight wise. Length wise, he's still really tall. Anyway, we are so excited to be trying foods with him (to avoid the whole 2 liter deal). He's been ready since he was 3 weeks old, haha! We were at my cousin's wedding...I was eating cake...and Stevie looked up longingly at me, mimicking my mouth movements as it enclosed around my fork and chewed. We waited until the day he turned 4 months to introduce his cereal. It took one day to get used to the spoon action, and now he's a pro, and he loves it! Here are a couple glimpses of that first trial. It's hard to take pictures while feeding with a spoon for the first time. Oh, I was at my parents' so I fed him in his carseat:

Monkey! He thinks his feet are hands too...all the time! He wanted it!!

Or, he thought he wanted it! It got much better later on... :)

The pediatrician gave us the ok to introduce fruits and veggies anytime! We're pretty excited!