Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I guess it's been a bit hectic around here, and the blog has been neglected. I started a post about all things new moms need (in a different world), but that will have to be finished and published later. My husband has been working some weird and long hours, and I've been busy with the little man. When Matt is home, and I have a bit of time to myself...even that has been going awry. I was contemplating writing a Not Me Monday post yesterday, but time got away...and now it's Tuesday, and I only had a couple of confessions. For one, I was thoroughly enjoying my shower time the other day while Matt played with Stevie. I washed my hair, squirted the conditioner into my hand, blissfully thinking about how wonderful life was while I put it in... my armpits! What, don't you do that? I laughed out loud for awhile about that one. Once I conditioned the stubble, I then used what I "should" use to go about my shaving. Aren't you glad I'm back in the blog world? I'm sure you dearly missed my random thoughts and stories about my armpits.

Right now, I have a moment because I'm hoping he is finally asleep for his nap. (Yup, I checked him. He's rolled to his belly, laying the width way in his crib. Goofy!) He fights naps so badly...other moms, please help!! We are trying to transition out of swings and other things and be more consistent about crib napping. He does so well at night. We do our little routine, I lay him down awake, and he falls asleep at some point, but I'm guessing it's pretty quickly because we don't hear anything. He has been sleeping on average 10 hours a night!! (Unfortunately, I haven't been sleeping so well...) So, why are naps just so difficult? The only thing I can think of is that it's light out?? He knows it's daytime??

Other things are going better. My little guy is finally gaining weight! I never would've guessed this department would've been so slow after entering the world such a big boy. We had to take him to get blood work done, and it was awful. I just didn't know what to expect I guess. They could not find a vein in his itty bitty arms. I was so surprised...and nervous...that they were taking blood just like they do an adult...through a vein in his elbow. Poor boy!! He was poked and poked and poked and they wiggled it around in his arm to find one. Of course, he cried, and I tried to hold him still. (Afterwords, they told me if they hadn't gotten it that time, they would've referred him to a pediatrics lab. Huh?? You actually have a pediatrics lab? If there is ever a "next time"...we are going straight there! I think my 4 month old would have qualified.) He got his first sticker (yup, it's going in his baby book), and the doctor is pleased with all the results.

Now, that we've upped his food even more, I can't seem to fill him up. He just eats and eats. Why don't they make bottles that hold 20 ounces? I feel like we need to attach bottle parts to a 2 liter! Theoretically, it shouldn't be long before he's the size of most babies his age, well, weight wise. Length wise, he's still really tall. Anyway, we are so excited to be trying foods with him (to avoid the whole 2 liter deal). He's been ready since he was 3 weeks old, haha! We were at my cousin's wedding...I was eating cake...and Stevie looked up longingly at me, mimicking my mouth movements as it enclosed around my fork and chewed. We waited until the day he turned 4 months to introduce his cereal. It took one day to get used to the spoon action, and now he's a pro, and he loves it! Here are a couple glimpses of that first trial. It's hard to take pictures while feeding with a spoon for the first time. Oh, I was at my parents' so I fed him in his carseat:

Monkey! He thinks his feet are hands too...all the time! He wanted it!!

Or, he thought he wanted it! It got much better later on... :)

The pediatrician gave us the ok to introduce fruits and veggies anytime! We're pretty excited!

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