Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What does this one mean?

So, I don't know about you, but I have weird dreams. Usually, they are very weird, lacking much sense and all jumbled. How about you?

I thought I'd share this one. Feel free to mock it or give your "interpretation." Or, feel free to just skip it altogether!

I was dreaming that I was in high school or college (but it ended up being my college campus. Well, sort of. Places are never quite the same.). Anyway, I was taking some sort of history class. History was usually my worst subject. I just had such a hard time with the "read the chapter and answer the comprehension questions" stuff. I know, that's sort of backwords since I was pretty English-y...but I struggled with many assignments, and oddly enough somehow, ultimately did really well on the finals. Anyway, back to my dream.

My teacher/professor was Stevie's pediatrician! haha He gave us an assignment to read this chapter and write a one page paper answering the given question: something to the effect of why did these 3 groups of people have such a difficult time getting along? I had an hour. Ugh!!! I always took forever to read and try to find those answers. Of course, the girl next to me was just standing by her desk and having a grand time because she had done the assignment already last night. Therefore, she could do what she wanted. So, I read. The text book had illustrated pictures in it like a history book. Now, here's the hilarious part: My answer! I had many scribbled out parts on my paper because I had a difficult time getting my words down the way I wanted. All I could come up with from reading the "chapter" was that one guy in particular (and apparently several others amongst the "groups") would try and hit on/take however you want to word it, women of the other groups who were already married or dating someone within their own "group"/culture whatever. I know, I'm doing a fabulous job on getting my words down here too. I found it to be sort of ridiculous. I knew I must be missing the real reason they had a hard time getting along. Not that it wasn't a good reason...

So, I finally finish my little paper and get ready to turn it in. That's when I found out from above girl who had finished the thing the night before, that I needed a visual to go with my paper. Apparently, these were going to be presented at some point. By this time, it was already like 6:08. The paper was supposed to be done (eh hem, and visual too) by 6pm. Grr. So, I jump in my car to head to the store to find something to make my visual with. A girl walks out of the store with a huge stack of construction paper. Perfect. Just what I want. Of course, I get into the store, and there is NO construction paper. I don't even remember what my plan A was for the paper. So, I had to move onto plan B. Plain white index cards would have to do. What was I going to make? Man, I wish I knew the fat, rich guy's name wearing a top hat and business suit in the book who was trying to steal all the women. I was going to make his business cards!!!! The cards he gave the women he wanted to date! While this didn't happen in the text, this was a result of my creative juices. Well, the store didn't have plain white index cards either. I had to quickly try to think of a plan C. I flipped through a daily planner on a rack. I noticed it was half used, but I needed something, anything quickly. My plan was to rip out the used pages and write on several different days of the week the dinner dates he had planned with various women's names. I brought it to the register where she gave it to me for free for being half used. (Sidenote: In real life, I NEVER would have completed a project like this. I was pretty driven to finish my work as perfectly as I could. Ha!) I then went to my car, and outside the store, sat Andy Bernard (yes, from The Office) and another man in old lawn chairs debating which kind of car was the best. Andy said he always wanted a mini van because it is THE COOLEST vehicle there is...and on and true Andy fashion. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in my car, I ended up having to chase it down the road....moments later I found myself in one of those low bicycles where you sit wayy back. It was so hard to petal, and I remember thinking, I might as well get off and run...but for some reason did not. I finally made it to the building where class was, and a couple was walking towards it, commenting that they hoped there was still ice cream left. Sure enough, the building once labeled the real building it was, was replaced with the name, "Ice Cream." Then I woke up.

I know that's a long explanation. Sorry about that. Does everyone else dream like this...or am I going crazy? I probably only remember this dream because I woke up a bit stressed and frustrated that I did not get my work done and done well and done on time! Nope, I did not eat weird foods before bed either. Just a glimpse of what lies inside Becky's brain I guess.

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