Saturday, November 17, 2012

I know, I know.  I'm so behind in always.  We are actually wrapping up our "K" week in preschool, and I have some posts in the draft stage that need to be published.

Before this slipped my mind, I wanted to record a few sweet things from my Stevie and Lydia.  Last night, I went grocery shopping on my own.  This is a pretty rare occurence, and though it is "easier," I don't really enjoy going for groceries by myself.  The rest of the family has noses like fountains right now (yes, we've been through some nasty sickness around here), and due to a change in therapy schedules, we now have therapies every morning of the week.  His speech therapist had a baby this week, so we are adjusting to a new therapist for that.  Anyway, with our mornings full, it leaves little time to get the groceries done during the day...which is my preference, but oh well.  I walked in the door last night, and both kids ran to me, "Mommy! Mommy!"  That definitely brightened my evening.  Even though neither of them hugged me, was a yell and run thing, I was missed and loved.  Stevie then wanted to help me put groceries away!  He's never done this before...he's usually just interested in what I brought home and checking the food out.  It was so special to see his excitement helping me.  We lived it up!  Of course, all Lydia wanted to do was pull everything out of the refrigerator.  She'll come around. 

The kids in general have been much more clingy lately.  We've been sick, and we've been going through some rough prayerful times here, and the kids just seem to follow me everywhere...even more than usual.  They are wanting to be with me, and I cherish that.  I was working on a project for the kids' room at the table, and Stevie wanted to work with me.  I gave him some of the paper I wasn't using (the sizing wasn't right), and he pulled out a pencil.  I thought he was "writing" letters, as he was saying, "T", "S", "A", "Grandpa, ...."  I was smiling at him and working on my stuff until he started repeating, "O", "O", "O."  Mommy, O!"  Sure enough, Stevie was finding all of the "O's" (he only missed 2?), and tracing them and coloring them in.  I think he thought the round part of "P" was an "O," but I'll take it.  We haven't done the letter "O" yet, and with so many letters and words on the page, I was just so impressed.  I am so very proud of my boy!  He just seems to be hitting another growth spurt in his development, and we are so thankful. 

(He used pencil and didn't always mark heavily, so it's hard to see.  I think he only missed the "o" in "love" and the second to last "you."  This was the song our kids were dedicated to.  I'm putting it up in a large frame with scrapbook paper in their room.  If you have not heard it and have kids, check it out!  "A Mother's Prayer" by Rachel Aldous.  It's on my Acorns to Oaks post as well...listed under the header.)

Wednesday, we dropped off our church's boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  When we had our own boxes on our table...for weeks and weeks, Stevie and Lydia were so interested in them.  Stevie watched a lot of the promotional videos with me, and he just took off with excitement.  So, for weeks, he's been saying, "Shoe boxes for the kids!"  Over and over.  Whenever we see a wrapped Christmas present in the box shape in a movie or at the store or on advertisements, he repeats his line.  He's also been very interested in the contents of our boxes.  We included some of these cute tiny wind-up trains and tracks we found for our boy boxes.  If you didn't know, Stevie is in love with trains!  They are his thing!  This little boy wanted these trains so much.  (He was also ready to try on some headbands for a girl box....)  We explained, several times, that we're giving these toys to other children that don't have any toys.  We could look at the gifts, but we can't play with them (open them up) because they are for other children.  I really expected this to be difficult for him.  I'm sure it was, but he seemed to accept it.  He never cried or whined.  He always wanted to talk about the trains in the boxes, and the football, and some other things that received his stamp of approval.  I guess it stuck with him that we weren't going to play with the toys because at Family Night at Church, he told Megan (the leader and my cousin's wife), "Shoe boxes for the kids.....trains.....Don't touch!" Ha!  (Those were the words and sentences I understood from his long announcement.)  He had some authoritative hand movements to go with the whole presentation.  When we dropped the boxes off, I do think he was confused.  They were left in piles on some tables, and not in the hands of smiling, laughing children.  When we left, "Oh, no.  Shoe boxes.  Shoe boxes for the kids." 

Oh, I wish I took a picture of a few of the things in one box.  Among the items, there was a stuffed brown and orange dog, a little tiny beanie baby snowman with a santa hat, and a little nerf-like football....these 3 items really interested Lydia.  She opened the box.  I ran over to make sure gifts didn't wander off, and she was labelling her favorites.  She's at the stage where what she says she thinks is right, and changing her mind is easier said then done.  So, the dog, "Bear."  "Lydia, that's a doggie."  "See, Bear?"  She held up the little snowman with the red santa hat and carrot pointy nose, and said, "Chicken."  I lost it, laughing hysterically, because it did indeed look sort of like a chicken.  "Snowman, Lydia."  "See, chicken?"  And then she got to the football, "Football."  1 for 3 I guess.