Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Husband is going to be a Father

and I can't wait!

So yeah, I saw this on another's blog and couldn't resist. I can't wait to have a little Matt, but if we have a little Becky... can't you picture this happening in our household?

He will do just about anything for kids and can be so silly. However, he did tell me he would rather our girls do other sports, like gymnastics (like Mommy) if they are interested, instead of cheerleading (due to some of the attitudes and flashiness of typical high school cheerleading teams). Have no fear, there will probably be hand clap rhythms and gymnastics competitions in our living room with Daddy...along with some other active outdoor play of course.

I can't wait!

Birthday Stuff

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now a quarter of a century! I told my students (3rd graders yesterday) that it was my birthday...and they didn't even ask how old I was!! Nice, huh?

So, what did we do? First of all, I have to say it snowed!! I love snow! When we get old and ever think about moving south, I will at least have to come and visit during snow season. I will be the only 85 year old woman tearing up the sledding hill! I suppose that's what hip replacements are for. Anyway, I stopped by my parents' for a bit after school because my mom had some no-bakes for me. :) I got home to find my wonderful husband doing some dishes (but he doesn't just do them on my birthday). We went out for dinner to...Taco Bell! I haven't been there since we just found out about our baby on the way. I had a bit of a hankering for some taco and chicken quesadilla, so I was hoping my stomach would handle it ok. (I had chili a couple weeks ago....yikes, didn't make me feel so well.) I did fine! I would've chosen my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, but it takes too long to drive there and then order when you're already hungry. To top it off we went to good old Wegmans where ICE CREAM CAKE was on sale! I have a thing for the little chocolate cookie pieces in ice cream cake. I'm sure the baby was just hopping over all this food last night, and yes, I'm ridiculous, I laid in bed focusing...just trying to see if I could feel him/her. I know, I'm early, but it was my birthday, can you blame me?

While enjoying our delicious ice cream cake, Matt gave me my birthday presents. Every time he gets me a gift, I always have a guess at what one could be...and so far, I've always been right. I'm not even trying to figure it out. I didn't snoop (I knew where they were...he told me). He will give the ever so slightest clue, and I put 2 and 2 together. This has been a frustration of his and mine since the beginning of "our" time. I really prefer to be surprised. So this birthday, he made one's awkward and kind of hard to wrap...something you'll grow into...thinking I will never guess it. What was it? A body pillow and I thought it was all along (did you think of that possibility or am I just that weird?). He even got me a couple pillow cases for it. We're practical. So now if I thought our bed was getting crowded before...ha! I just hope I don't smush it completely before I actually need it! The other 2 gifts: On Saturday, Matt gave me a Josh Turner cd. He really doesn't like country, but will play it while I'm in the car and will even buy me more music to play! I think he's secretly starting to enjoy it...just as he secretly likes the movie he bought me, Pride and Prejudice. It's just one of my all time favorites, and he thinks it's slow and girly, but he'll watch it! Isn't he great? Oh, that reminds me. Earlier on this pregnancy, I was feeling just awful. After work one day, Matt came home with Preggie Pops and a new cd to cheer me up. (We really don't buy cd's this often. I guess these are special instances.) Not only did he do those things, he sat on the bed with me and ate a Preggie Pop with me! I'm sure he loved that I shared that. I so wanted a picture, but it didn't happen. By the way, they don't work. They really don't work if you try the ginger one...right Matt? Yikes, eww, what was he thinking? He was being the Prince Charming he is by eating one I'd never eat. Yuck!

The best thing about this birthday though was having Matt home! Last year was a lonely one. We celebrated my birthday early because I went out to California for the weekend for the Marine Corps. Birthday Ball. We shared the weekend and ice cream cake in his barracks (we couldn't afford a hotel room at the time) to the aroma of bachelor men smells and super loud rap music, and I flew home that Monday, a week before my birthday. Awful flight home, lonely birth"day" to follow. It just makes me so thankful. God is so faithful. And just think, you only have a year's worth of activities/holidays/events for me to bring these things up again.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, 2 posts in 2 days. I might even have another tomorrow...we'll see.

Last week, while I was teaching, my pregnancy sort of came up. I hadn't shared with students yet because they're so young, and I'm not due till May. I figured when it's more obvious, it may come up. However, I was teaching 2nd grade this week, and I had the cutest little girl. I taught her last year and she just melts my heart every time I see her. She is full of life, a hard worker, and loves to talk! As she was doing some work, out popped a question to me. "Do you have any sons or daughters?" My reply, "No, but I will have a son or daughter soon." Her eyes got so big and she was so excited to ask, "Are you going to adopt a son or daughter or are you going to...give birth?" I definitely chuckled (buried my burst of "give birth"). You see, this little sweetheart, is adopted from China. She is very open about it and how her sister is also adopted (in the same class), but "her sister is the older one and she is the younger one." I told her, "No, not this time. I have a baby in my belly." She jumped out of her chair and said, "I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I KNEW you were going to GIVE BIRTH!" "How did you know?" She thought about it for a moment and said, "I just know." Boy...more questions followed in these little ones minds. "How do you know you're having a baby?" Ohhhhh, we are getting off track here. "I just know." Children piped up with their ideas of how I know and one little boy, though nervous at first to hear his idea, said it wonderfully. "I know. I know how you know. You went to the doctor and they gave you an x-ray, and they saw a baby in there. That's how you know!" "Yes, that's how I know." We finally moved on!

Yesterday at church, we collected all the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. My mom does the story time for the children to shrink down the message for the little ones. She asked if any of the children wanted to pray for the boxes and the children who would receive them. One little girl stood up. She's 4. She prayed. I cried. Instead of praying for the boxes, do you know what this little girl prayed for? She prayed for something on her mind and so dear to her heart. She prayed for her daddy's safety while he works on trucks in the Army (he's in Afghanistan) and she went on and on. I hardly remember, but it was so clear for such a little girl in front of the church. Yes, I cried. I am a bit emotional at times (ha! with the pregnancy), but this just hits so close to home still, and I'm thankful for it. At the end of her prayer, she prayed for her Mommy, that she would be able to sleep well that night. How precious! I'm sure this is a common bed time prayer, but so important no matter what time of day. I teach her brother in Children's Church. He's 6 and has really begun to warm up to Matt and I. I asked him about his dad, the last time we taught, if he had heard from him lately. I was sort of testing the waters to see what he wanted to share. I didn't want to pry too much if he wasn't ready to share, but I wanted him to know I cared. It was like I unlocked something in him. He just couldn't stop talking about how he can't wait for his dad to come home in January, how he called the other day but got disconnected (oh those stupid phones...and that broke my heart again, I remember that), how he can see him on the computer screen sometimes at somebody's house. He then switched over to talking about all the candy he got on Halloween. I asked him if he brought any for Matt and I...obviously, joking. Don't you know, he came this week (he missed church last week) with favorites of Matt's and mine just for us! I was so touched! So please, pray for these little ones I (girl) and G (is the boy), their mom, and their dad. I heard from their mom that he may be home in time for Christmas. That would mean so much to them!

Here's another little story you can read. "Now that's God."

Have a blessed Monday...and if you're in our neck of the woods, enjoy the snow!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I really feel like a Pregnant Lady

...because I craved and ate pickles tonight! This afternoon, the family sort of celebrated my birthday with a birthday dinner. Every year, Mom (still) makes a meal of our choice. I requested lasagna and homemade rolls! mmm Get this! In church, guess what I was thinking about (when my stomach was on my side)? Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard and onions!!! Will it ever end? I do not like hot dogs. I do not like them, Becky I am. I do not like them with ketchup. I do not like them with mustard. I do not like them with onions. I do not like hot dogs, Becky I am!! Ok, so it kind of works...or not. Don't worry, I thoroughly enjoyed my lasagna. Though, I think my nieces would've preferred the hot dogs!

Ok, enough with the food.

I had an ob appointment this week. Matt came along to hear the baby's heartbeat. Here, I go being real again. I will admit it, I have gained 6 pounds already. The nurse was so excited as she told me my "progress" so far. "That baby sure is growing! Keep it up!" (She's so nice! Yes, that baby is growing. It is now 2.5 inches and ...6 pounds?? Taking it in stride.) Anyway, My Dr. tried and tried for several minutes to find the heartbeat. All we heard was mine and truckers on their CB's. Maybe our baby has a deep voice? So, she switched her doppler with a newer one and attempted again. Nothing. Inside, I'm saying, "Come on Baby, nice and strong. Do it for Mommy. Do it for Daddy...Do it for the Dr? She sent me down for an ultrasound right away. The ultrasound tech was my favorite one. Horray! She was so wonderful. She found the baby, and we saw and heard the heartbeat. I thought we'd be in and out as soon as she heard it, but she really took her time for us. She explained that we probably didn't hear him/her because he/she was sleeping away wayyyy down low in the tiniest part, and I am still "tipped." Our baby is going to be so good at hide and seek! The tech then tried to wake our baby up to give us some entertainment. She tried and tried. Finally, the baby jumped around and danced, spun, and gave us a little wave. Of course, it made me laugh, causing my belly to shake, losing some good shots. Within seconds, the baby was back in it's little cozy spot, snoozing away...taking after his/her father (he can fall asleep in the blink of an eye)! He or she is so cute!! Here's a picture. It's not as clear as it could be because the ultrasound wasn't planned, and I didn't have time to drink all that water. The scanner wasn't doing a great job either. Just look at that little nose!

Hmm, does this look like a baby boy or a baby girl? :) We're still thinking of making it a surprise and not finding out at the "real" ultrasound. I'm sure I'll be trying to peek anyway. Boy or girl, this baby has a personality and has put me through some hoops already! Hospital time, heartbeat scares! Phew!

Oh, I did some maternity clothes shopping this week. Any tips for the in-between stage. My pants are snug, but maternity pants are just too big right now. I heard something about a band thing to wrap around the button so you don't have to button them (thanks Megan!)...has anyone used this?

I also had my 2nd EEG this week. I made it! I stayed up! Well, after starting to fall asleep before 8pm. I watched a hallmark movie and was able to sleep from 11-1. Then I watched some tv and another movie. I did it!! I was sooo ready to sleep. The guy hooked me up and only let me sleep for 35 minutes before waking me up. What a rip! A 2 hour test, a sleep deprived pregnant lady, and I was only allowed to sleep for 35 minutes. Well, it was a little weird anyway, because here I was, alone in a room..actually an office, with this man watching me sleep in a recliner. Fun times! And no, I still don't have pictures to prove it. I would've felt more than weird taking my picture in this environment. I felt weird enough with the situation at hand, and then at the end, he was rubbing my head to get the goop/paste out. Then he combed my hair! That's nice and all but weird! I'm really ready to leave at this point...I don't care what I look like!

Always an adventure...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I don't mean to disappoint...

...those few readers of mine!

I heard there was some disappointment I didn't carry my camera with me to the emergency room. What was I thinking? I couldn't remember my husband's name, but maybe I could've remembered my camera.

I did some digging through some old pictures. This isn't quite what I looked like, but imagine in addition to the crazy hair that was frizzy-er, dozens of wires sticking out of my head, a thick white gauze wrap around my head, and instead of those smiley face one piece long johns, I was donning a stylish hospital gown and jeans (at least I got to wear my pants!).

(Class trip to Washington D.C., 8th grade, in our hotel room, after a little blow drying...hence, why I don't blow dry my hair!)

Well, guess what? Another opportunity awaits me. I just scheduled yet another EEG, which will be next week. I had to meet with my doctor, and then another neurologist. The neurologist was really good. Not only did he express concern for the way "they" handled my situation at the hospital (1 example, giving me a CT scan while pregnant...after such a stressful morning already, I cried in the scan room when I had to sign a paper that only a pregnant woman would have to sign in case of radiation exposure to my baby. My husband had not arrived yet, and they were ready to do the test. I had no idea what I needed. They had to get me off the table onto my bed to bring in a doctor to explain why this was necessary, to get me back on the table to strap me in again...praying the whole time for protection for my baby), he was surprised when I told him my test results were normal. Normal? That's what I was told. Apparently, my CT scan was normal, but my EEG was abnormal...something about a slower left brain or something. This could account for my numbness on my right side that morning. So, now I'm off to get another one done to compare and hopefully find that it's actually normal now. Just think, another 6 months, and I'll be delivering the baby in that hospital.

I made the call to schedule the appointment. In the middle of the "conversation", the receptionist says, I thought this was the doctor's office calling. "Oh, I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry, you sound so professional." Ok...I must be getting good at all this appointment scheduling, insurance questioning, and stuff. (I've come a long way since that little girl calling about my "shots" (vaccination) records for summer camp. Mom had me do the calling, to help mature me a bit, and I was scared enough. One problem, the number my mom had written down, wasn't the right number for our doctor. It was a man who owned a golf course! He thought I wanted my "shots" record for golf camp! I bet he never forgot that phone call.) :) Moments later, I'm asked for my insurance info. "Who is your sponsor, is that your dad?" I laughed, "No, that's my husband." "Ohh, I'm sorry. You sound so young." I'm young and professional apparently?! People usually think I am a child on the phone, or my mom! Go figure!

Next appointment, I will know my husband's name and ...possibly...bring a camera. :)
Any tips for staying awake 6 hours's an 8am test?

So far, no more episodes, and we're hoping to keep it that way!

I'm hoping to see a few funny pictures from fellow bloggers since I so freely shared! Hint, hint!