Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Husband is going to be a Father

and I can't wait!

So yeah, I saw this on another's blog and couldn't resist. I can't wait to have a little Matt, but if we have a little Becky... can't you picture this happening in our household?

He will do just about anything for kids and can be so silly. However, he did tell me he would rather our girls do other sports, like gymnastics (like Mommy) if they are interested, instead of cheerleading (due to some of the attitudes and flashiness of typical high school cheerleading teams). Have no fear, there will probably be hand clap rhythms and gymnastics competitions in our living room with Daddy...along with some other active outdoor play of course.

I can't wait!


Matt and Megan said...

HA HA! Yes, I can totally picture Matt doing this!

I love this commercial!

Tera said...

that commercial is great! I'm hoping my girls are more interested in other sports too! Jay and I aren't too keen on cheerleading either.