Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I don't mean to disappoint...

...those few readers of mine!

I heard there was some disappointment I didn't carry my camera with me to the emergency room. What was I thinking? I couldn't remember my husband's name, but maybe I could've remembered my camera.

I did some digging through some old pictures. This isn't quite what I looked like, but imagine in addition to the crazy hair that was frizzy-er, dozens of wires sticking out of my head, a thick white gauze wrap around my head, and instead of those smiley face one piece long johns, I was donning a stylish hospital gown and jeans (at least I got to wear my pants!).

(Class trip to Washington D.C., 8th grade, in our hotel room, after a little blow drying...hence, why I don't blow dry my hair!)

Well, guess what? Another opportunity awaits me. I just scheduled yet another EEG, which will be next week. I had to meet with my doctor, and then another neurologist. The neurologist was really good. Not only did he express concern for the way "they" handled my situation at the hospital (1 example, giving me a CT scan while pregnant...after such a stressful morning already, I cried in the scan room when I had to sign a paper that only a pregnant woman would have to sign in case of radiation exposure to my baby. My husband had not arrived yet, and they were ready to do the test. I had no idea what I needed. They had to get me off the table onto my bed to bring in a doctor to explain why this was necessary, to get me back on the table to strap me in again...praying the whole time for protection for my baby), he was surprised when I told him my test results were normal. Normal? That's what I was told. Apparently, my CT scan was normal, but my EEG was abnormal...something about a slower left brain or something. This could account for my numbness on my right side that morning. So, now I'm off to get another one done to compare and hopefully find that it's actually normal now. Just think, another 6 months, and I'll be delivering the baby in that hospital.

I made the call to schedule the appointment. In the middle of the "conversation", the receptionist says, I thought this was the doctor's office calling. "Oh, I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry, you sound so professional." Ok...I must be getting good at all this appointment scheduling, insurance questioning, and stuff. (I've come a long way since that little girl calling about my "shots" (vaccination) records for summer camp. Mom had me do the calling, to help mature me a bit, and I was scared enough. One problem, the number my mom had written down, wasn't the right number for our doctor. It was a man who owned a golf course! He thought I wanted my "shots" record for golf camp! I bet he never forgot that phone call.) :) Moments later, I'm asked for my insurance info. "Who is your sponsor, is that your dad?" I laughed, "No, that's my husband." "Ohh, I'm sorry. You sound so young." I'm young and professional apparently?! People usually think I am a child on the phone, or my mom! Go figure!

Next appointment, I will know my husband's name and ...possibly...bring a camera. :)
Any tips for staying awake 6 hours's an 8am test?

So far, no more episodes, and we're hoping to keep it that way!

I'm hoping to see a few funny pictures from fellow bloggers since I so freely shared! Hint, hint!

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Amy said...

Oh becky that stinks. I had a sleep deprived EEG while in college and it was no fun but I recruited a friend to stay up all night with me and drink smoothies and watch movies. Good luck!