Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, 2 posts in 2 days. I might even have another tomorrow...we'll see.

Last week, while I was teaching, my pregnancy sort of came up. I hadn't shared with students yet because they're so young, and I'm not due till May. I figured when it's more obvious, it may come up. However, I was teaching 2nd grade this week, and I had the cutest little girl. I taught her last year and she just melts my heart every time I see her. She is full of life, a hard worker, and loves to talk! As she was doing some work, out popped a question to me. "Do you have any sons or daughters?" My reply, "No, but I will have a son or daughter soon." Her eyes got so big and she was so excited to ask, "Are you going to adopt a son or daughter or are you going to...give birth?" I definitely chuckled (buried my burst of "give birth"). You see, this little sweetheart, is adopted from China. She is very open about it and how her sister is also adopted (in the same class), but "her sister is the older one and she is the younger one." I told her, "No, not this time. I have a baby in my belly." She jumped out of her chair and said, "I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I KNEW you were going to GIVE BIRTH!" "How did you know?" She thought about it for a moment and said, "I just know." Boy...more questions followed in these little ones minds. "How do you know you're having a baby?" Ohhhhh, we are getting off track here. "I just know." Children piped up with their ideas of how I know and one little boy, though nervous at first to hear his idea, said it wonderfully. "I know. I know how you know. You went to the doctor and they gave you an x-ray, and they saw a baby in there. That's how you know!" "Yes, that's how I know." We finally moved on!

Yesterday at church, we collected all the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. My mom does the story time for the children to shrink down the message for the little ones. She asked if any of the children wanted to pray for the boxes and the children who would receive them. One little girl stood up. She's 4. She prayed. I cried. Instead of praying for the boxes, do you know what this little girl prayed for? She prayed for something on her mind and so dear to her heart. She prayed for her daddy's safety while he works on trucks in the Army (he's in Afghanistan) and she went on and on. I hardly remember, but it was so clear for such a little girl in front of the church. Yes, I cried. I am a bit emotional at times (ha! with the pregnancy), but this just hits so close to home still, and I'm thankful for it. At the end of her prayer, she prayed for her Mommy, that she would be able to sleep well that night. How precious! I'm sure this is a common bed time prayer, but so important no matter what time of day. I teach her brother in Children's Church. He's 6 and has really begun to warm up to Matt and I. I asked him about his dad, the last time we taught, if he had heard from him lately. I was sort of testing the waters to see what he wanted to share. I didn't want to pry too much if he wasn't ready to share, but I wanted him to know I cared. It was like I unlocked something in him. He just couldn't stop talking about how he can't wait for his dad to come home in January, how he called the other day but got disconnected (oh those stupid phones...and that broke my heart again, I remember that), how he can see him on the computer screen sometimes at somebody's house. He then switched over to talking about all the candy he got on Halloween. I asked him if he brought any for Matt and I...obviously, joking. Don't you know, he came this week (he missed church last week) with favorites of Matt's and mine just for us! I was so touched! So please, pray for these little ones I (girl) and G (is the boy), their mom, and their dad. I heard from their mom that he may be home in time for Christmas. That would mean so much to them!

Here's another little story you can read. "Now that's God."

Have a blessed Monday...and if you're in our neck of the woods, enjoy the snow!!

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mholgate said...

That is so sweet! Children are so precious. I am sometimes in awe over some of the things my children say/pray about.

My brother in law heads to Afghanistan in January. He will be gone for a year. My kids are already praying for his safety. They're very attached to their Uncle.

Have a good week!