Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh, You Know Us!

Another long post of stories and pictures to share.

Thursday was so. much. fun. I wish Matt only worked half days every day! He got here a little before noon and was welcomed home to an ecstatic Becky who, of course, had to run to the bathroom. Upon entering, I let out a bit of a yelp, seeing some sort of big bug, I thought a spider, just hanging out on our toilet seat. Matt came to the rescue because surely, I would not want to share the seat! I noticed the carpet in the hallway was a bit wet, so I looked down at Matt's feet to see if he still had his boots on. Nope, he didn't (must've been the snow off his pant-leg), but this pregnant lady burst into hysterical laughter at the site she saw upon her husband's feet. I couldn't contain it, and Matt had no idea what was so funny. I tried to let him in on the situation, but roars of laughter just came out as I took another breath. Matt was wearing a pair of my, women's, socks!! He has a few pairs he got for Christmas from relatives that are not your plain white socks (none of which are cream and white speckled though), and he forgets which ones are his. He told me they felt a little snug (ha! His size 11 feet crammed into my size 8 socks), but he must've been in a hurry. In his defense, he does leave wayyy too early in the morning for work. Maybe he was still half asleep when he put them on. I was able to sneak my camera out just before my battery died and take a few poor pictures of his cute feet stretching my socks to their limit...hmm, sort of the way my belly feels at the moment.

We lazed around a bit, Matt changed his socks, we had some tuna sandwiches for lunch, and then I started downing my water for the ultrasound. On our way to the doctor's, we had the radio on. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Keith Urban, but his song, "You look good in my shirt" was on (not the most high standing song). Once again, I could not control my laughter. As tears rolled down my cheeks, I belted the chorus...."Maybe it's a little too early to know if this is gonna work. All I know is you're sure looking....good in my socks!!" Ok, you had to be there, and maybe it is not so funny to you all, but boy, the timing just seemed to be perfect. Matt humored me and laughed along too.

As we watched our little one on the monitor, I could not get the verse out of my head, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14. Our baby is just getting cuter and cuter and more developed by the day. From the first glimpse, I could tell he/she had more skin and is looking more like he/she will on the day of it's arrival. Our technician was so much fun. She told us the heart and spine were "just beautiful" (a huge relief for me, knowing this was specifically to check on our baby's heart). She also told us how photogenic our baby already was (hmm, maybe she says that to everyone, but she was very enthusiastic), and she certainly got a kick out of our baby's big, big toe and the clear shot of it's cute little ear. Yes, it appears the baby has gotten an ear from me with a little notch in it.

Right around the corner from the doctor's was Babies R Us, so we stopped in and registered! We just had a great time. We had to share the gun though because everyone knows that is one of, if not the, best part/s...I mean, besides all the cute baby things! After this long afternoon, we finished off the day with dinner at Boston Market. Mmmm, strangely enough, what I love most there is the macaroni and cheese (oh, and their chicken too).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm still here

Well, there isn't much new around here except for my background. I know I need to update the header, but I really can't bear to part with that picture yet. So, I guess you'll just have to see it for a little while longer. I did change my little picture though...even though that picture was taken in November. The camera just has not been around much these days.

I finally have my car running as of yesterday...a heap load of a payment later, and we'll probably have to put more into it before the summer. I suppose a white horse wouldn't be as warm for the winter or as practical to carry a carseat this spring.

Today is pretty exciting though. Matt will be here in about 45 minutes, (horray for taking the afternoon off!). We're going to do a little rearranging of our living room to make room for the "office" (aka, computer desk and shelf) so our 2nd room can officially look more like a nursery. We have been so blessed already with gifts from family, Matt's coworker, and people from church. We so appreciate the hand me downs of our crib, dresser/changing table, and even some baby clothes already. So, after a little rearranging, drinking my ocean's worth of water, blowing my nose as often as I make bathroom trips (did I mention I got that cold that's going around?), we are off to yet another ultrasound. They want a better look at the baby's heart just to be sure things are a. ok. I plan to bring the famous envelope...just to be sure the baby still is what the technician thought (am I really that paranoid...apparently) though we still don't know what that is. Just weird would it be if we do end up opening the envelope from our 18 week ultrasound and then I deliver a baby of the opposite sex! I guess that sort of happened with Matt. His mom never had an ultrasound but the doctor told her he was a girl. Oops. I'm not sure what gave her that idea, but I'm thinking it's a good thing we use ultrasounds now and not just doctors' hunches. Anyway, after seeing our little one (and probably me trying to peek yet again), we are off to register! If we are able to use our young minds and remember, we may even take a picture of this belly people are so intereted in seeing. Don't worry, I will be fully clothed. I'm not one to want pictures of my bare belly, especially on the world wide beautiful as it might be. :/ However, the thought has crossed my mind to video tape my child's soccer or gymnastics practice going on, causing significant jabs to practically protrude out my stomach. It cracks me up, but maybe they will get even stronger to see through the right kind of top.

Oh for fun, I'd like to hear some silly names for this baby. I know it's hard because we don't know boy or girl (tell Matt...hehe), but I just call it Baby. We are still working on the "real" name. We think we have our boy and girl names chosen, but we're leaving some wiggle room I guess for now.

I am hoping to have other things to write soon...that aren't just baby related. We just happen to be in this stage of the game right now, and yeah, we're pretty excited.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you crave at 5:30am?

Another completely ridiculous post...

Yesterday morning at approximately 5:30am, I had a very strong craving. My mouth was watering for rippled potato chips and dip!! Maybe others crave such things in the early hours of the morning, but this is definitely a pregnancy craving for me. Normally, I want cereal or a bagel/toast...and I can wait till awhile after 5:30. I'm a pretty plain Jane when it comes to daily breakfast, but apparently not that morning. Was I able to put that craving to rest with a half of a bag of potato chips and some gooey dip (that otherwise, I wouldn't even go for)? Nope. So far, I have yet to have on-hand the very food I am craving.

I happened to be at my parents' house that morning. What? You don't greet your parents every morning just after 5 am? To be honest, I wouldn't either, but right now my car, that good old Subaru I was ready to trade in for a white horse a year ago, is not safely operating at the moment. For the last couple weeks, my wonderful husband has driven me to my parents before he heads out to work. He figures I'll get into less mischief over here during the day, and plus, it's warmer than our place. I usually am able to be an extra pair of hands and eyes for when the grand kids come over too. Therefore, having to be at work by 6, makes for an early morning, early rising, and early craving.

All was not lost however. About 12 hours after the initial craving, my parents, Matt and I went to Subway for dinner. Carrying a tub of dip in hand (you can't get chip dip at Subway), I got my sub (with onions...another craving...aren't you glad you weren't around?) and potato chips. I guess I'm still into the salty foods (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, tuna, mashed potatoes with lots of cheddar cheese, etc.). I don't know, what do you think? A boy? I'm carrying a bit high though so maybe it's a girl. Pictures will be coming soon of this chip and dip, oh and baby too, belly of mine. I don't even have one yet, and I'll be 6 months next week!!