Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm still here

Well, there isn't much new around here except for my background. I know I need to update the header, but I really can't bear to part with that picture yet. So, I guess you'll just have to see it for a little while longer. I did change my little picture though...even though that picture was taken in November. The camera just has not been around much these days.

I finally have my car running as of yesterday...a heap load of a payment later, and we'll probably have to put more into it before the summer. I suppose a white horse wouldn't be as warm for the winter or as practical to carry a carseat this spring.

Today is pretty exciting though. Matt will be here in about 45 minutes, (horray for taking the afternoon off!). We're going to do a little rearranging of our living room to make room for the "office" (aka, computer desk and shelf) so our 2nd room can officially look more like a nursery. We have been so blessed already with gifts from family, Matt's coworker, and people from church. We so appreciate the hand me downs of our crib, dresser/changing table, and even some baby clothes already. So, after a little rearranging, drinking my ocean's worth of water, blowing my nose as often as I make bathroom trips (did I mention I got that cold that's going around?), we are off to yet another ultrasound. They want a better look at the baby's heart just to be sure things are a. ok. I plan to bring the famous envelope...just to be sure the baby still is what the technician thought (am I really that paranoid...apparently) though we still don't know what that is. Just weird would it be if we do end up opening the envelope from our 18 week ultrasound and then I deliver a baby of the opposite sex! I guess that sort of happened with Matt. His mom never had an ultrasound but the doctor told her he was a girl. Oops. I'm not sure what gave her that idea, but I'm thinking it's a good thing we use ultrasounds now and not just doctors' hunches. Anyway, after seeing our little one (and probably me trying to peek yet again), we are off to register! If we are able to use our young minds and remember, we may even take a picture of this belly people are so intereted in seeing. Don't worry, I will be fully clothed. I'm not one to want pictures of my bare belly, especially on the world wide beautiful as it might be. :/ However, the thought has crossed my mind to video tape my child's soccer or gymnastics practice going on, causing significant jabs to practically protrude out my stomach. It cracks me up, but maybe they will get even stronger to see through the right kind of top.

Oh for fun, I'd like to hear some silly names for this baby. I know it's hard because we don't know boy or girl (tell Matt...hehe), but I just call it Baby. We are still working on the "real" name. We think we have our boy and girl names chosen, but we're leaving some wiggle room I guess for now.

I am hoping to have other things to write soon...that aren't just baby related. We just happen to be in this stage of the game right now, and yeah, we're pretty excited.

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