Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What do you crave at 5:30am?

Another completely ridiculous post...

Yesterday morning at approximately 5:30am, I had a very strong craving. My mouth was watering for rippled potato chips and dip!! Maybe others crave such things in the early hours of the morning, but this is definitely a pregnancy craving for me. Normally, I want cereal or a bagel/toast...and I can wait till awhile after 5:30. I'm a pretty plain Jane when it comes to daily breakfast, but apparently not that morning. Was I able to put that craving to rest with a half of a bag of potato chips and some gooey dip (that otherwise, I wouldn't even go for)? Nope. So far, I have yet to have on-hand the very food I am craving.

I happened to be at my parents' house that morning. What? You don't greet your parents every morning just after 5 am? To be honest, I wouldn't either, but right now my car, that good old Subaru I was ready to trade in for a white horse a year ago, is not safely operating at the moment. For the last couple weeks, my wonderful husband has driven me to my parents before he heads out to work. He figures I'll get into less mischief over here during the day, and plus, it's warmer than our place. I usually am able to be an extra pair of hands and eyes for when the grand kids come over too. Therefore, having to be at work by 6, makes for an early morning, early rising, and early craving.

All was not lost however. About 12 hours after the initial craving, my parents, Matt and I went to Subway for dinner. Carrying a tub of dip in hand (you can't get chip dip at Subway), I got my sub (with onions...another craving...aren't you glad you weren't around?) and potato chips. I guess I'm still into the salty foods (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, tuna, mashed potatoes with lots of cheddar cheese, etc.). I don't know, what do you think? A boy? I'm carrying a bit high though so maybe it's a girl. Pictures will be coming soon of this chip and dip, oh and baby too, belly of mine. I don't even have one yet, and I'll be 6 months next week!!


Erika said...

at 5:30 this morning I was craving food - I was starving and nauseous all at the same time and just wanted to sleep - so brought some crackers to bed to munch on. i'm so glad we are over the half way point...May will be here soon...hopefully - although days like today where i really don't feel well 4 more months seems like an eternity.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Aren't pregnancy cravings the craziest things? During my first one, my biggest craving was Pepsi and I hardly ever drank soda. If I did, it was Coke. Then it changed to cherry jello. So weird.

mholgate said...

Just checking in to see how things are going. Ahhh, pregnancy cravings. With my 2nd pregnancy I was stuck on BK cheeseburgers. Had to be that flame broiled taste, and we didn't have a BBQ at the time, so BK it was! : )