Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday Stuff

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now a quarter of a century! I told my students (3rd graders yesterday) that it was my birthday...and they didn't even ask how old I was!! Nice, huh?

So, what did we do? First of all, I have to say it snowed!! I love snow! When we get old and ever think about moving south, I will at least have to come and visit during snow season. I will be the only 85 year old woman tearing up the sledding hill! I suppose that's what hip replacements are for. Anyway, I stopped by my parents' for a bit after school because my mom had some no-bakes for me. :) I got home to find my wonderful husband doing some dishes (but he doesn't just do them on my birthday). We went out for dinner to...Taco Bell! I haven't been there since we just found out about our baby on the way. I had a bit of a hankering for some taco and chicken quesadilla, so I was hoping my stomach would handle it ok. (I had chili a couple weeks ago....yikes, didn't make me feel so well.) I did fine! I would've chosen my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, but it takes too long to drive there and then order when you're already hungry. To top it off we went to good old Wegmans where ICE CREAM CAKE was on sale! I have a thing for the little chocolate cookie pieces in ice cream cake. I'm sure the baby was just hopping over all this food last night, and yes, I'm ridiculous, I laid in bed focusing...just trying to see if I could feel him/her. I know, I'm early, but it was my birthday, can you blame me?

While enjoying our delicious ice cream cake, Matt gave me my birthday presents. Every time he gets me a gift, I always have a guess at what one could be...and so far, I've always been right. I'm not even trying to figure it out. I didn't snoop (I knew where they were...he told me). He will give the ever so slightest clue, and I put 2 and 2 together. This has been a frustration of his and mine since the beginning of "our" time. I really prefer to be surprised. So this birthday, he made one's awkward and kind of hard to wrap...something you'll grow into...thinking I will never guess it. What was it? A body pillow and I thought it was all along (did you think of that possibility or am I just that weird?). He even got me a couple pillow cases for it. We're practical. So now if I thought our bed was getting crowded before...ha! I just hope I don't smush it completely before I actually need it! The other 2 gifts: On Saturday, Matt gave me a Josh Turner cd. He really doesn't like country, but will play it while I'm in the car and will even buy me more music to play! I think he's secretly starting to enjoy it...just as he secretly likes the movie he bought me, Pride and Prejudice. It's just one of my all time favorites, and he thinks it's slow and girly, but he'll watch it! Isn't he great? Oh, that reminds me. Earlier on this pregnancy, I was feeling just awful. After work one day, Matt came home with Preggie Pops and a new cd to cheer me up. (We really don't buy cd's this often. I guess these are special instances.) Not only did he do those things, he sat on the bed with me and ate a Preggie Pop with me! I'm sure he loved that I shared that. I so wanted a picture, but it didn't happen. By the way, they don't work. They really don't work if you try the ginger one...right Matt? Yikes, eww, what was he thinking? He was being the Prince Charming he is by eating one I'd never eat. Yuck!

The best thing about this birthday though was having Matt home! Last year was a lonely one. We celebrated my birthday early because I went out to California for the weekend for the Marine Corps. Birthday Ball. We shared the weekend and ice cream cake in his barracks (we couldn't afford a hotel room at the time) to the aroma of bachelor men smells and super loud rap music, and I flew home that Monday, a week before my birthday. Awful flight home, lonely birth"day" to follow. It just makes me so thankful. God is so faithful. And just think, you only have a year's worth of activities/holidays/events for me to bring these things up again.

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mholgate said...

Happy belated birthday! Mine is in two days. You're so young, yet so wise! I passed a quarter of a century 10 years ago. Once you hit thirty, birthdays are all a blur! :P