Sunday, November 16, 2008

I really feel like a Pregnant Lady

...because I craved and ate pickles tonight! This afternoon, the family sort of celebrated my birthday with a birthday dinner. Every year, Mom (still) makes a meal of our choice. I requested lasagna and homemade rolls! mmm Get this! In church, guess what I was thinking about (when my stomach was on my side)? Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard and onions!!! Will it ever end? I do not like hot dogs. I do not like them, Becky I am. I do not like them with ketchup. I do not like them with mustard. I do not like them with onions. I do not like hot dogs, Becky I am!! Ok, so it kind of works...or not. Don't worry, I thoroughly enjoyed my lasagna. Though, I think my nieces would've preferred the hot dogs!

Ok, enough with the food.

I had an ob appointment this week. Matt came along to hear the baby's heartbeat. Here, I go being real again. I will admit it, I have gained 6 pounds already. The nurse was so excited as she told me my "progress" so far. "That baby sure is growing! Keep it up!" (She's so nice! Yes, that baby is growing. It is now 2.5 inches and ...6 pounds?? Taking it in stride.) Anyway, My Dr. tried and tried for several minutes to find the heartbeat. All we heard was mine and truckers on their CB's. Maybe our baby has a deep voice? So, she switched her doppler with a newer one and attempted again. Nothing. Inside, I'm saying, "Come on Baby, nice and strong. Do it for Mommy. Do it for Daddy...Do it for the Dr? She sent me down for an ultrasound right away. The ultrasound tech was my favorite one. Horray! She was so wonderful. She found the baby, and we saw and heard the heartbeat. I thought we'd be in and out as soon as she heard it, but she really took her time for us. She explained that we probably didn't hear him/her because he/she was sleeping away wayyyy down low in the tiniest part, and I am still "tipped." Our baby is going to be so good at hide and seek! The tech then tried to wake our baby up to give us some entertainment. She tried and tried. Finally, the baby jumped around and danced, spun, and gave us a little wave. Of course, it made me laugh, causing my belly to shake, losing some good shots. Within seconds, the baby was back in it's little cozy spot, snoozing away...taking after his/her father (he can fall asleep in the blink of an eye)! He or she is so cute!! Here's a picture. It's not as clear as it could be because the ultrasound wasn't planned, and I didn't have time to drink all that water. The scanner wasn't doing a great job either. Just look at that little nose!

Hmm, does this look like a baby boy or a baby girl? :) We're still thinking of making it a surprise and not finding out at the "real" ultrasound. I'm sure I'll be trying to peek anyway. Boy or girl, this baby has a personality and has put me through some hoops already! Hospital time, heartbeat scares! Phew!

Oh, I did some maternity clothes shopping this week. Any tips for the in-between stage. My pants are snug, but maternity pants are just too big right now. I heard something about a band thing to wrap around the button so you don't have to button them (thanks Megan!)...has anyone used this?

I also had my 2nd EEG this week. I made it! I stayed up! Well, after starting to fall asleep before 8pm. I watched a hallmark movie and was able to sleep from 11-1. Then I watched some tv and another movie. I did it!! I was sooo ready to sleep. The guy hooked me up and only let me sleep for 35 minutes before waking me up. What a rip! A 2 hour test, a sleep deprived pregnant lady, and I was only allowed to sleep for 35 minutes. Well, it was a little weird anyway, because here I was, alone in a room..actually an office, with this man watching me sleep in a recliner. Fun times! And no, I still don't have pictures to prove it. I would've felt more than weird taking my picture in this environment. I felt weird enough with the situation at hand, and then at the end, he was rubbing my head to get the goop/paste out. Then he combed my hair! That's nice and all but weird! I'm really ready to leave at this point...I don't care what I look like!

Always an adventure...


Tera said...

my sister in law used that band thing and she loved it. I'm thinking of using one the next time around.

Andrea said...

check out

I ordered one for my friend to use and she loved it. I never ended up ordering one, but it would have been very helpful early on as well as post baby too. It allows you to wear the band around your waist and then leave your pants unbuttoned - the band just sticks out and looks like an undershirt. IMO - well worth $20 or so ... (yeah, even though I didn't have one!) Maybe next time!