Thursday, December 10, 2009

The love of my life..

I am just beginning to type, and I hear a sneeze coming from my son's room. I'm hoping he can go back to sleep and finish his nap. We'll see.

So, I have many thoughts...and I'm probably just going to spill them on here for the sake of getting out of this lack of blogging funk. I have had some ideas, and then I just get busy. Ok, Stevie is now talking, or whatever that is, confirming that he will not be going back to sleep. Hmm, I probably won't get much done here. I guess that's an update. Stevie is now napping! Horray! However, this early nap, is often only a half hour. I'd like him to take longer naps for Christmas. (Oh, but he does when it's just him and Daddy home...on those rare occasions, he has been known to need Daddy to wake him up because he sleeps so long.) A couple posts ago, I asked for some diapering tips because my wee one was only in size 3. Well, he has jumped to size 5 (in Pampers), and I still don't know how that's possible. I know he has packed on some much needed pounds, but his cousin who is nearly 3 is in size 6. Anyway, big news! For my little guy, Target's Up and Up far...have been comparable to Pampers in the "containment" department!! This is so huge! Target's diapers are soo much cheaper. We still may use Pampers for some overnights and traveling (and they are softer material), but for the most part, we are using the blue and green dot ones. Incredibly manly, I know. They are no underoos, but someday, we'll get to those, and polka dots will be a thing of the past.

Speaking of his mom has been after me! She thinks my little boy, my little man, would look oh so cute in a sweater vest. He may look cute in one (I might admit), but I must stand strong. You see, my mom and I have a running joke ...not really joke..something...about sweater vests. I am not a fan of them. She tried and tried to hook me up with many a men in my young single days, and I just was not having it. I was her only girl, and she may have dreamed of those girly things we'd do together, but I wasn't exactly into all that. We'd go clothes shopping, and I always picked out the exact opposite...which was anything but frilly or "feminine." I've gotten a little better about those things in recent years. Anyway, I was talking about sweater vests and how my mom liked to try to find me a good young man to settle down with. I was along for the ride while my mom was running errands one high school day, and she needed to stop in the library. I was not in the mood to go in, and she tried to convince me to. She told me that I just might meet the man of my dreams in there. I told her "oh, great, a guy in a sweater vest! No thanks. The man of my dreams will not be wearing a sweater vest." I know, a total generalization, and I studied hard in school so I spent a lot of time in the I said, I was moody that day. Well, I never went in the library that day, and I certainly didn't marry a man who wears sweater vests. I married a man who wore coveralls and camis to work (at the time I met him) and jeans and a t-shirt and work boots on off days. He may wear other weird clothes (that almost lost his chance of marrying me), but I've yet to see a sweater vest. Therefore, just in case Stevie's woman of his dreams has the same thoughts about such vests, I'm steering clear of them. ;) Well, for now, and until my mom gets him one.

This really is heading somewhere, but for now, my son needs my attention. This may require several "parts." Hold my of them anyway... :)

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