Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who's a Smartipants?

We're still cloth diapering over here. Previously, I was trying to do about half and half...half cloth and half disposable. I wanted to save some money, but I also didn't want to be doing too much extra laundry. It was working out nicely. I bought one box of 70 diapers (we get Up and Ups) to last us each month. I'm bothered that they've increased their diapers by about $6 though. When they first started that brand or whatever was $8.99...now they're $14.99. I try to use coupons when I can, so I can usually get them for a dollar or 2 cheaper. Anyway, evenstill, $14.99 a month isn't so bad for diapers. However, to be completely honest, we spend more than that because I use Huggies overnites ...1 per night...so a box lasts about 2 months. I guess it comes out closer to $25/month in diapers then.

With Matt laid off right now, I'm doing a lot more cloth. What a wonderful thing it is to have the cloth option so money can be used in other places. We use the Flips, which I still really like. I just wish I could get the stink completely out of the inserts. They're better after using some bleach. Maybe I need to bleach them again. I had also been using some Proraps with the Flip inserts. I love those covers! The velcro gets a bit annoying (sticking to things) at times, but those covers are all business! And, they're so cheap. We had been given some hand-me-down ones, but the biggest we had was medium. I'm going to try to pick up a large one with my swagbucks.

I decided to invest in a 3 pack of Smartipants, since I was relying pretty much on my 6 Flips, and they arrived this week. I'm really excited to try them. They are a 1 size system similar to the Flips. The main difference is they are pocket diapers, so I can't reuse the cover. They feel like they are made with very similar materials. I haven't used pocket diapers yet, but because the insert comes out in the wash all by itself...I'm willing to try them. They are snap diapers as well, and what's cool is, the flaps can overlap if you have a skinny baby. Not that I know anything about that...hehe. At first glance, they look like they'll do just fine. I'm just a little disappointed the colors are so pastel, and well, quite girly. I bought the boy pack, but the blue is really a light purple. Oh well. I'll let you know how those go.

I also ordered 3 additional homemade covers, one large, and 2 XL. I still have those big prefolds...so I'm hoping I can use the bigger covers with those. Those prefolds made Stevie's butt very large, haha, and he would leak out of the diapers because they were just too big for the covers I have. I splurged on these covers because they were 3 for $15 (it was a remnant sale)...and free shipping. I figured I couldn't beat that! If Stevie is too small for the XL, I'll save them. I really think at some point he'll outgrow the onesize diapers and covers...even though they grow with your baby, and these could be a good option at that point.


Nicole said...

Those prefolds will for sure do that! They are very bulky if you don't use sized ones. That's why I like green mountain diapers the best!!

If you aren't getting all the stink out of those microfiber inserts, the problem is probably either not enough detergent OR too much detergent. If you think you are using the right amount, you may not be rinsing enough at the end of the cycle. Microfiber is well-known for stink issues. You just have to work with them until you find the right combination of what keeps the stink away! A little bleach won't hurt once in a while unless your baby is sensitive to it. Just rinse really well.

If you want a cheaper pocket diaper to try out, check out Kawaii diapers at theluvyourbaby.com. Great prices, quality product. I really like them. Look specifically at the 'heavy duty aio's' (they are really a pocket dipe) and they also sell some called 'goodnight heavy wetters' for night time use that would might work for your little guy to save you a little extra money on those huggies at night. Oh, and they have plenty of boy colors too;)

Jessie's Girls said...

Good for you! I cloth-diapered my first two, nearly exclusively, but fell off the wagon after my third. I just couldn't keep up with the laundry load. I'd be happy to go back to it, and am considering it when my fourth arrives, since I will (hopefully) only have one in diapers again. It is definitely a great way to save money, especially during the first year when they go so often!