Friday, March 25, 2011

Boyness in the House

A glimpse of what's been happening in this house of boys (at least for now)...pretty much what you'd rather not know.

Confession time to my husband:
Confession #1: Stevie grabbed your toothbrush this morning....and used it. (The boy loves toothbrushes.)

Confession #2: Umm, I was glad he didn't use mine.

Awful? Matt laughed...he didn't really I suspected. I don't like sharing straws with my husband. I'm not even thrilled with 2 straws in the same cup. (I have more issues I could go on about.) Boys (yes, I'm generalizing here...good or bad) just aren't as grossed out by things as girls (or me anyway). Let's continue with this theme.

My warrior boy discovered a new toy today and was running around the upstairs with it...briefly (aka, just until Mommy saw and let out a "Nooo!"). He was happy as could be with the... plunger! He was so close to sticking his face right in it too. (He likes to try to peek through things.) Gross!! This large, pregnant mama raced over to him pretty quickly! We'll find new things to "slay the dragons" with.

I still have to sometimes keep Stevie's hands away when I'm trying to change him....he just has an itchy bottom I guess! When he walks from his room to the bathroom for his shower (we don't have a bath tub...poor kid), he will hold my hand or dad's (to keep him focused on the destination without a diaper on), and his other hand is usually scratching his bare behind. He chats the whole way. Maybe it's a thing only a mom can find funny and cute.

He pulled an empty container out of the bathroom garbage, and I quickly exchanged it for a container not in the garbage. He was completely content with this...and when he was done, he threw that container away too. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be thrown away. I guess he thought that was where I got his new "toy." No, mommy does not get toys for you from the garbage! (Ok, ok, sometimes we find a cool toy on the side of the road...or your basketball hoop in a recycling bin, but that's different!)

When I sweep our floors, I have to be quick. He loves watching me sweep, and if he spies a cheerio in the pile, it looks tasty. Yes, I have to be quick. I will get you a fresh snack, Stevie!

I've already mentioned how he likes to swim in a pile of dirty laundry, and if he sees one of his blankets in the's love time. Ahh!

Of course he likes to play outside in dirt, mud, and snow...especially with sticks. That's not so bad. And, I'm thankful he really likes his showers! :)

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