Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This little girl

...I think looks like her Daddy (others tell me differently). a girl of many names, Lydia, Lyddie, little Lyds, Baby Girl, Bids... not much of talker...yet, anyway. She just gives a couple of coos and sighs here and there.

...has been sleeping consistenly for the past week and a half 9 hrs to 11 1/2 (Whoa baby! Except last night, of course, was less than that average.) going through a growth spurt!

...still has some unhappy days with some happy ones mixed in.

...spits out the spit up stuck in her mouth. I would do the same, little girl.

...takes a pacifier but not always.

...has some smile! Sometimes, it's quite the cheeser!

...thinks her brother is quite entertaining. quite patient with her brother's "help" with her. (The swing does quite well on it's own. Thank you, Stevie.)

...should have been born with a crash helmet and pads for her brother's "help" and "love."

...has me smiling whenever I say, "little girl"

...will be 3 months old on Saturday! dearly loved!!!

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