Monday, October 22, 2012

Preschool, D Week

Here's what we did for D week in preschool...obviously a little less with all the yellow jacket business.  E week was even shorter...E for Exterminators.

Our verse for the week was, "My mouth will declare your praises oh Lord." Psalm 51:15  Were still using the same book for this week ("The Memory Bible" by Stephen Elkins) that gave us our lesson base and verse.

We made our D dinosaurs from here.  We should've made the necks a bit longer though...because Stevie thought they were turtles. ;)

The 2nd school day we read,."My Dad" by Anthony Browne.  It was cute about the great things this boy's dad is able to do. Stevie seemed to like it.  We made a special picture for Daddy after reading.  I made a circle capital D to use our dot markers in and wrote the rest of the letters leaving the other two d's with dashed lines to be traced.  This is brand new for Stevie, so I guided his hand. He used stickers and colored a bit.  He wanted a fish on it because the book showed a fish, talking about the Dad swimming like a fish.  Hopefully next year, Stevie can write (dictate) his own, "My Dad" story to share special things about his Daddy! 

Some items in our D box: picture of a dog and a deer, a dollhouse dresser/desk, a dump truck, a picture of Daddy, some dishes, and a duck.

Just a picture of my boy...just because I love him SO!

Some Sprinkle Activities:
*We had dinosaur dessert (brownies cut out with a dinosaur cookie cutter)
*Stevie dug in the dirt with his construction trucks
*We made our Daddy pictures spelling "Daddy"....successful or not, haha
*Danced to music....we're still working on this one with Stevie...he struggles with this when it's not "natural" due to motor planning difficulties.
*You could also decorate something, cookies, a project, a room....didn't get there this time.
*Drew pictures.
*Stevie has a movie on dump trucks and 'dozers....we love Mighty Machines around here!
*We did a lot of declaring around here...Stevie now shouts, "Praise the Lord!" throughout the day!  (I still love the songs for our verses included with the book....they help so much in memorizing them, and Stevie is starting to sing a word here and there...SO exciting!)

*Side note*  I am so glad we're doing the letter of the week...for so many reasons, I'm so glad we're doing preschool at home, but I really think it's helping some of his letter sounds.  Of course, that's part of the idea, but really harping on one letter a week and it's sound/s...repeating it all week, I've noticed some improvements.  Cows are no longer "chows"....even though I sort of miss those chows. ;)

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