Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Precious Lydia,

Happy Birthday!  Wow, you are 2!  It doesn't seem like it was that long ago we were running through the rain to get in the van to head to the hospital to have you.  Yet, you have kept our days very full.  I didn't have a clue holding onto that sweet baby how much personality and energy you would have!  You are my busy and mischeivous girl.  The number of things you get into quite often astounds me and leaves me chasing after the tornado remnants you've left behind.  Getting things ready for company sure is a trick!  Games come out with little pieces strung about, you play 52 pick up with playing cards...but forget the point of the game, movies seem to "walk" all over the house, and those wipes are always "hopping" out of the packages.  You always seem to grab hand soap, hair gel, oils of any kind, our toothbrushes and other messy substances (or that dreaded plunger) to get into.  I'm always two steps behind you, and ohh the messes.  I find myself saying, "If I had a dollar..." a lot around here.  But you know what?  No amount of money could ever replace my love for you, even on our most difficult days!  I end up singing that country song, "Crazy Girl." 

You sure stretch your Mommy to her limits sometimes....with your fearlessness and your strong will.  I suppose you're toughening me up....as you jump down the stairs or push chairs from other rooms to jump off of onto the couch.  Yet, you can be so compassionate and tender. I love how you pat my back when I hold you, or you gently rub my cheeks.   You give your bunny kisses and push him in your stroller or shopping cart.  You even offer to "carry you" so he doesn't have to ride in it and can be in your arms....like you want me to do when we shop.  That bunny goes everywhere with you.  Sometimes you rub Stevie's head and hair saying, "Nice, Buddy." Or, you'll take his cheeks in your hands and ask him what's wrong. (You might have a little bossiness in there too...One day, you'll probably be a Mommy too.)  I pray your courage makes you strong in the Lord, to stand for what's right, always helping and taking care of others in need. 

Ever since you were tiny (once we got over that screaming period of a few months), you have had this joy in you...like there's always some song in your heart.  You used to thump that little leg...and now you sing little mumbled versions of songs.  I have so enjoyed your love for music...even if we need to listen to "Hush Mr. Rooster" in the van a million times on repeat, or your asking me to sing "Happy Birthday to You" 3 times before bed tonight.  And, it was your birthday, so I obliged...and giggled.  Would you me to sing for you...about you...again?  Even Stevie sang you a line of it tonight.  Very special indeed.  You love "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my Heart."  You call it "Joy Joy."  I will sing, "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart" and pause...and you say, not sing, "where?" in your super deep voice.  Your super deep voice, chin to your chest, eyebrows raised, cracks me up every time.  And when we sing, "My God is so Big"....girl, you put your heart into it!  You stick those pointer fingers in the air and yell "Bick" (for "big").  Yes, He's that big.  And there's nothing He can't do...for you!  Carry that with you always, and when you hit those challenges, sing it out!  You still love "Holy, Holy, Holy"...and I love that you and Stevie share that special song.

You still love doggies and playing with balls.   The movie "Air Bud" wraps it all up with a bow.  You love to go outside or "upside" and go for walks.  It's a good fit because I love to take you on walks. :)  You now like to go for walks with just Mommy and you hold my hand as we walk up and down our street or the trail looking for pinecones and other neat treasures. That's one of my favorite things with you...and if I could bottle that up forever, I would.  If you start without me, you put your hand behind your back doing a low wave, look behind you just with your eyes...without turning your head, and say, "Come on.  Come on."

You are your brother's biggest cheerleader, and that's a wonderful thing, Lydia.  I hope you both become best friends and supporters of each other!  You cheer for him when he goes to the potty, and when he's running fast outside.  You talk about him all the time....wondering if he needs to go potty because you like to take the trip upstairs for a change in scenery (and to get into all those bathroom things). 

I've been having fun putting your hair in pig tails!  It's growing!  You love shoes and are always trying mine on or Daddy's or Stevie's ...or each therapist's that comes in our home.  They say you have good taste in shoes.  You love to color and use stickers.  We're still working on coloring on paper approved by mom...instead of books, my planner, tables, your body, etc.  We're also having to remove garage sale 25 cent stickers from mail envelopes ready to be sent out.  I usually forget to put my purse on the hooks, and that's great fun for you to dig into too.  You've been found to have answered the phone before I can get there....and of course, to call other people too.

You're still a pretty good eater, but you decided milk is a no go after we gave up morning and bedtime bottles in February.  You love your yogurt and cheese though.  I'm not sure what your favorite meal is...you eat most anything, but you still always ask for marshamallows or chocolate chips.  Since it was your birthday, I let you choose your breakfast.  You chose those little packs of breadsticks and cheese.  Whatever, kid.  This year, instead of gobbling down your entire cupcake in 3.4 seconds, you decided to just eat the frosting and sprinkles off the top.  Pure sugar is your deal I guess.  You always ask to get down from your chair after you've eaten...and go over to eat whatever Stevie's left behind.  I think mostly you like his grown up silverware and sitting in a regular chair.  You do sit in a regular chair sometimes to eat...you did for the whole meal at your birthday party at Grandma's.

You are soo silly but a little shy around people you don't know too well.  Your giggle is absolutely contagious...and so sometimes, bedtime is a little bit later because well, if you're giggling with Stevie, it can wait for just a little bit longer...even if we do have to mop up the bathroom floor with all of the towels after a splashing, laughing bath time.  You are silly but so serious other times.  When we pray, you clothes your eyes so tight and clamp your hands together and just pray.  Sometimes you'll say, "Pray, pray, pray, talk to Jesus, pray."  Maybe as a 2 year old, you'll call your cousin "Josiah" instead of "Jesus."  I know...those J names can get confusing!

I love you so much Lydia.  Happy 2nd Birthday! 

Love always and with a kiss,

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