Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3 Years Old

My Precious Lydia,

Today, you turned 3 years old.  Where do I even begin with the stories you leave me to remember and share?  This past year you (and your brother) have kept me so incredibly busy and one day, I am determined to be one step ahead of you.

For starters, I want to let you know that I love you SO much.  You add so much joy, adventure, and life to our days.  You make us all laugh....and your laugh is completely contagious.  You are strong, and you still love to climb, jump, and tumble up/off most anything.  You love gymnastics, and I love that special time I get to share with you there.  It's pretty much a perfect fit for you love it all....and to top it off, you love to wear your leotards.  On your first day, you showed off your beautiful forward roll complete with the Ta-Da stance at the beginning and the end.  When you stumbled and fell out of your cartwheel, you sighed and shouted, "Got it!  Got it!" making your coach laugh out loud.  You are also caring ...especially when others are hurt and sick....and you're always ready with a hug.  When I had a migraine, you tenderly asked me if I bumped my head and needed a bandaid.  You love to help me put away laundry and sweep.  Sometimes you start the washing machine (for a 2nd time or when it's empty) without my knowledge.  Your bunny is still your most cherished possession, and he goes almost everywhere with you.  You love to dress up....skirts, princess clothes, heels, jewelry, and hats.  You also love balls.  The only things you asked for for your birthday was a ball and fruit snacks.  There is not one food either your Dad or I can think of that you don't eat.  Not one!!  You eat everything and a lot of it.  You are always ready to try new things, whether it's food or an activity.  That makes things a little easier for me ....for the most part. :)  You love to sing, and I never get tired of hearing you...whether you're singing about what you're playing or real songs.  Your favorites are "When we all get to Heaven" and "Away in a Manger" (before the 2nd verse, you say, "How 'bout the cows?).  You love your brother so much.  You are best friends and partners in fun and mischief.  I hope you are always close.  I just know God made you the way you are to do some wonderful things...even amazing things..., and I have no doubt you will bless many lives.  You already do! 

I could write a book about your antics over the last year alone.  Some day, I may just write that book.  "Life with Lydia" or "While Mommy was in the Shower."  For now, here are some etched in my memory:

*You flipped up the seat on your big wheel (that exposes the storage compartment) and tried to use it as a potty seat out in the front yard.  There you were, sitting with a smile and no pants.  I caught you just in time to let you know that it was NOT a potty seat!

*You locked me in our storage room closet when I was organizing.  I definitely panicked because you couldn't get the door open again.  Big Brother saved the day!  I now have to keep a phone with me when I go in.

*You and Stevie ate almost an entire bag of Hershey kisses at Christmas time (while I was in the shower)....among other goodies on what seemed like almost a daily basis.  Even with chocolate covered faces you told me that somebody "taked all your trocoloate."

*You were offended that an excavator would not "scooch" over for us while we were driving in a construction area.

*You finished off my box of sour patch kids I had in my purse.  With an awful look on your face, you were convinced you liked them and powered through.  You still love to dig out "grump" (gum) from my purse.

*You were calling glitter "gidders" and now it's "glivvers."  I love both versions.

*You asked Bunny if he'd like to go to Sky Zone...and then you started to jump on an over-turned baby gate.  Only Bunny can go to that Sky Zone, Lydia.

*Your first imaginary friend was Buzz-Saw Louie (or "Loulee" as you called him)

*You tried to eat out of a yogurt container with a spatula.  One of many utensils you've utilized creatively.

*Sleep is not your favorite activity...because you're not able to be active.  I often find you out of your bed providing a picnic lunch for Stevie's dinosaurs or modeling inside out Thomas the Train swim trunks and shoes over your jammies in the late hours of the evening.

*You always want the biggest of anything....the biggest snacks/desserts, the biggest rides, the tallest balance beam, the highest bouncy slide, the tallest mats to jump off of.  Go big or go home....that's you.

*You call Grandpa daily on the real phone and your play phones.  "Well hello, Grandpa."

*You used your Christmas present ironing board as a boat since day one.  You still aren't sure how to use it the right way.

*You wished people a Merry Christmas long after Christmas was over whenever we said goodbye.  When guests leave our house, you're quick to say, "Fank you for coming!"

*You tell me almost daily (when you barge in) that I'm too big to use our toilet.  You still have not come up with a suitable solution for me. 

*Usually when my hair is wet from my shower, you run your fingers through it.  Even though it messes it all up, I love your affection....even if you sometimes say you're petting me.

*Sometimes you sneak upstairs and change into a skirt instead of your pants.  Sometimes, your skirt is really a short sleeve shirt you're wearing on your hips....the neck hole around your waist. 

*Daddy brought home a co-worker from Germany for dinner for the first time.  You happily sat next to him telling him all about how you have to keep your underwear dry.  You also initiated a snowball fight with him.

*You threw a jump rope down the stairs yelling, "I pink it's a snake, Steebie!"  Thankfully, it was just a jump rope, but I came running!

*You've been known to streak through the house in only your cowgirl boots...and those are often on the wrong feet. 

*You tried the oven mitt on as a slipper.

*You talk and talk to me in the van (if you're not singing), and one day you were going on and on about the garbage truck in front of us, telling me the noises it makes, how it works.  You ended your verbalized thoughts with, "And it'd be so fun to drive, right Mom?"  Then you moved onto whatever else was on your mind.

*Some day, ask me what you meant by "Ladybugs crashed into my belly."  I'll share the anatomy lesson you gave me.  You love ladybugs.  You're also scared of them.  You wanted ladybug decorations and cupcakes for your birthday.

*When we were out to dinner, you pointed out another couple asking me if I "see the Cosbys, Mom?" One of your baby dolls has been affectionately named, "Little Bill."

*We only have a shower, so we sometimes fill a large Rubbermaid bin for you to splash around in like a bathtub.  We went down the storage aisle at Walmart, and you shouted, "Look at all the bathtubs, Mom!"  You wanted to get a purple one.

*Whenever you don't know what something's called you ALWAYS say, "Oh, you've got ....those Mom?"

*I got you a pair of brown sandals.  You asked if they were Jesus'.

*You often start and end your questions with Mom ...Mom?

*Our home phone....for months....was often out of battery because you would put your own Minnie Mouse or Princess phone on the charger instead of our real one.

*You have a sparkly, glittery baton you use as a pointer like Grandma does in Sunday School.  You've named it your "Blessed are they."  You've also whipped around in front of Stevie asking him if he wants to fight.  We prefer you to use it as your "Blessed are they..."

*You love to rub noses with me or Daddy...but especially Daddy.  Whenever he calls your name, you almost always tell him you love him.

*It's always special to find you sleeping in Stevie's bed next to him.

*Today you sang "Happy Birthday" to yourself...several times, but whenever anyone wished you a happy birthday, you wished it back to them.  You asked me frequently through the day, "Mom, is it my birthday?"  Yes, Lydia.  Then you'd give me a knowing smile...proudly soaking it all in.

We are so thankful for you!  We wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Love you always and forever,

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