Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We've Been Busy

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for us.

Matt's nephew, Robbie, celebrated his 1st birthday! It has been so much fun to see Matt with all the kids again. The little ones are gradually warming up to him!

We were able to catch the girls' last 2 soccer games too. This was a thrill! Soccer is Matt's favorite sport, and it is always such fun to watch games...especially when nieces are playing...or cousins, Bethany :)

We also were able to enjoy Laura Ingalls Wilder Day at a living history museum. I love this picture of the girls!

Abby was a little shy to do the 3 legged race, so I was Hannah's partner. I wasn't exactly dressed for the Laura Ingalls occasion (I'm in the red hat) :) She did such a great job! I was so worried I would knock her down accidentally. I was the slow one of the pair with the duck run...but maybe we'll blame it on the fact that our sizes weren't evenly matched ;)

Last Sunday, we had a family, friend, church picnic for Matt's homecoming:

This past weekend, we spent time down at Uncle John and Aunt Carol's with them, Grandma, and Bethany for the fair. We had a fun time but missed the rest of the family. Here's my little purchase! I was pretty excited and asked Matt to take a picture of it so I could send it to Chrissy, but he tends to like to take pictures that include me...so I guess I'm modeling it. Ohhh Matt.

(Yes, our game collection...mostly from garage sales...consists of kids games! We are such kids!)

In between, we've helped family move, and Matt has been actively looking for a job. He has sent out a lot of applications, and we are still waiting to hear from them. Please keep that (and us) in your prayers!


Matt and Megan said...

We're sad we missed the fair this year...glad you were able to go! That sign is so cute!

Andrea said...

I SO want to take Laura to the old time days thing when she's bigger!