Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures of Homecoming #2

It's taken me awhile to get back on here. Matt's been home for 2 weeks now. In some ways it feels like he never left, but in other ways it feels like he just got home. It was a pretty big moment when we actually got home to our apartment. I had the rest of his red, white, and blue paper chain (to count down the weeks) decoratively hung across the ceiling and of course, a fancy shmancy toilet paper "Welcome Home" sign. I knew he wouldn't have it any other way! (Ok, so I was in a hurry and lacking some resources...that, or we're going a little more green! Afterall, I suppose we can use the toilet paper again.) I thought I'd share a few pictures of his 2nd homecoming...when he came home to NY...never to wear uniform again...or so we think. Matt has decided to end his stint with the military to be able to be home with family and pursue jobs on the civilian side. I'm proud to be his wife and proud to support him wherever he is led, but I am much happier having him home!

Here I am waiting (and waiting...) with Nathanael. He thinks my purse is his personal fun bag. I didn't have time to clean it out beforehand, so he was a good helper.
Yes, my hair is sopping wet. I went to a bridal shower/picnic earlier that evening and ended up playing volleyball. So, I had to come home and shower again and rush to the airport. There was a little mix up about the time he was to arrive. (Thanks Uncle Bill :)...just kidding.) I was in a hurry...only to get there and wait. Oh well, better early than late.

The girls made such a cute Welcome Home sign, and from what I hear, Jacob added a little color too! My mom saw about 5 different Matt's leaving the gate. There he is. Oh wait. There he is. Is that him? It was making me nervous I wouldn't be able to recognize my own husband as quickly....but I spotted him right away (FIRST), and ran to the door that separates the flyers and welcomers.

Yup, same blue dress, same hug, same girl, same man!

I guess it's time to share him with everyone else who was there. It was so nice having so many family members and a few friends there. It was a lot different than being out in CA not really knowing anybody. I think I had different jitters. Each homecoming was different. I can't quite explain it...different seems to work.

Matt and his brother. No, they are not twins. Little joke. They just pretty much have the same shirt.
Did you notice Matt's haircut? Well, if you didn't..don't! There was an earthquake while he was getting his haircut. We won't blame the barber. :)

Matt and his mom...well, his mom was on the phone. She wasn't able to be there but called right away.

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Matt and Megan said...

So glad to have you both home! We need to get together!