Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Speaking of Home...

You can cut to the chase by reading the bold. :)

Actually, I didn't forget to mention that I am coming home. I intended on writing another post before I left, but time just got away from me. I also figured my last few posts were long enough to add that in there, and I wanted Matt to have his ticket in hand before I sent out the news. When it comes to changes with the military, I'm not too quick to share...because they often change again. So here you have it, I just flew in at 10:25 tonight.

BUT THE BIG NEWS IS: Matt is coming HOME, Home, like OUR home. (The lovely home I often write about...full of moisture, millipedes, and all those good "m" things...but it is full of love..aww...and will be filled with "M"att. Ok, so I'm crazy excited and being ridiculous.) He is to arrive tomorrow night at 10:15pm! Anyone in the area who would like to welcome him at the airport, please join us!! I know it's not much notice, but we do what we can. Yes, this means Matt is "done" for good in the military....until he gets recalled again..:/. We have been extremely blessed to have his year of return to active duty decreased to about 10 months. July 30 is way better than October 19!

We can't wait to see the plans God has in store for us next... together!

More to come.....

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Andrea said...

Yay! That means he should be home now! :) So happy for you guys!