Tuesday, July 8, 2008

That Family Reunion

I thought I'd share some highlights from my family reunion last week. The fun just keeps on comin. The reunion was from Sunday till Saturday in Michigan, and now I'm spending the week in Indiana. Early next week, I fly out to California. Did you HEAR THAT? I mean, did you READ THAT?? I'm going to be with Matt again NEXT WEEK!!!

When us cousins get together, this usually happens:

Again, I apologize for the quality of my videos. You can bear it or skip it.
Don't we look like so much fun? Bethany thinks so.

Also on Monday, my 11 year old cousin prayed before lunch. "Thank You Lord for the food and for everybody who prepared it....well, not everybody..." He corrected himself because not everyone had prepared the food, but we found it pretty funny.

The men (and I hear a few ladies) helped to build? a brand new sand volleyball court for the camp and for all to enjoy. Most of the ladies worked hard, ahem, sitting in chairs watching the men work...

...but we all joined together to pick a rock or two out of the dirt to do our part.

I realize we are not lifting with our knees (those big heavy rocks could strain our backs of course), but that's because the idea was to get us all in the action, possibly with our rear ends out. Yeah, our family is weird! Apparently, we don't coordinate or cooperate well either. It sure did turn out nicely! We played I don't know how many games every day that lead to many sunburns.

Some of the young girl cousins organized a nail polish party with verbal invitations to Room 5. Well, every female cousin, aunt, and even Grandma came, so Room 5 became the great outdoors! That was better for the smell anyway. We had a wonderful time with a "foot washing service" (6 girls crammed into a shower to wash our dirty feet together) just before the party began. Everything is more fun together (yes, it was just our feet).

This was my Grandma and Aunt Sharon's (maybe Aunt Amber's too) first time EVER getting their nails painted. My sister-in-law Sarah made sure to choose an eye sore of a color for Aunt Sharon's nails to make the most of the occasion. I think Grandma secretly enjoyed herself, even though she said Grandpa would be rolling in his grave. She even had my cousin Phoebe redo a couple nails that were globby. That Grandma cracks me up!

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