Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Good to Be "Home"

Ok, so we're not exactly home, but I feel at home now that I'm back with Matt. I read a couple of articles once on the "power" of being close to the one you love. "A recent study of how human touch affects neural stress release indicated that married women who hold their husband's hand feel instant relief from extremely stressful situations" (Christianity Today). It's totally true!

If we look tired, that's because we are. This was the day after he came home just after picking up our rental car.

So what have we been up to?
Still tired.

Going out for our special dinner! Thanks Brandon and Sandy for that gift! It was wonderful! (We did go shopping for another dress for me, but I wasn't comfortable with any we found, so I wore the good ole blue one. I have worn it for every special occasion, except our wedding :), since high school graduation in 2002. Oh well, it's Matt's favorite anyway.)

The Beach! He makes me laugh.


Precious Cargo!

Here we are at Sea World...or Sea Land, as Matt calls it. Matt's cousin, Warren, was in San Diego for the week for classes (he's in the Navy), so we connected for church, lunch, and Sea World.

They were huge!

We make a good couple. Notice how the child glasses fit me...but...ahem, don't exactly fit him real well, especially around the ears! We have different "dimensions" that we joke about frequently. I just hope our children's heads grow after birth.

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Matt and Megan said...

Thanks for updating! But you forgot to mention that you ARE coming HOME! We're so excited to see you SOON!