Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has it begun already?

It's a short one!

I just thought I'd share a few of my cravings so far...yes, they have begun, a little bit anyway. Sadly, Taco Bell, my love of fast food, has taken a back seat. I know, the craziness. I am not too happy about this either. You see, it all went down hill one afternoon I couldn't get rid of the hungry-ness. So, I ate a frozen burrito, and ever since that one "snack" I can no longer think about such things anymore.

Anyway...I have craved:
-McDonald's chicken mcnuggets
-hot dogs
-Spaghetti Os with meatballs

I read somewhere you crave the things you lack in your diet or your nutritional needs. Tell me, folks. What nutrients in these foods am I missing? What nutrients are even in these foods? Ok, possibly the protein, but I think it's a stretch. I don't even like hot dogs, but I specifically craved hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and onions!! Remember that post about the Slim Jim I so delicately ate? I explain my aversion to hot dogs there.

I am happy to report my morning, afternoon, and evening sickness has gone down a lot! Hopefully, it will stay down. I'm sure more highly nutritious cravings are to come! I'm definitely looking forward to the day chocolate sounds much more appealing too! Feel free to share any cravings you've had, or if you haven't, I suppose you could share some healthy snack ideas for me. It looks like I could use them!

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Andrea said...

I remember craving sour patch kids! I don't think there's anything nutritious about them! Then, the whole rest of my pregnancy I "craved" cereal - I think it was because I was just hungry all the time and it was a quick easy snack! So quick and easy and convenient that it helped me pack on 52 pounds! Although, since I couldn't drink a glass of milk anymore (did weird things to my insides!) I think I probably was craving the milk and I could get it in small doses throughout the day instead of in one big glass at a meal. Glad your morning sickness is dwindling already!