Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Oh, the Places You'll Go" Part 3

*Here's another very long one, but the end of a series...for now!

Yes, Matt is finally home! If you missed the homecoming pictures, feel free to take a little birdwalk to Homecoming #1 and Homecoming #2. Tonight on the news I watched as more soldiers were reunited with their families today, and it just swells my heart with joy.

Oh, and this post really hasn't taken me 2 weeks to get in here...the last one was dated wrong. I guess since I started it one day and came back to finish it days later it published it as being the 16th...really, I think it was like the 26th, but whatever.

So where to begin? There has been some adjustment. When he first came home, I had to get used to sharing the bed again. Before we were married, it was no issue. I was used to sleeping like a straight board on a twin bed. We got married and had a queen sized bed, and I got lost. What do people do with king sized beds? Apparently, while he was gone, I sprawled out. Actually, I think I slept diagonally with my head over on his side and my feet on mine to try to be "closer" to him. He came home, and I didn't sleep so well the first few nights. Now, he started work and leaves early in the morning, and I can't fall asleep again after he gets up. I guess I'm a creature of habit. These adjustments are fine by me...they mean he's home! As I said, Matt started work again. He's at a different company building things for NASA. We think it's pretty cool, but don't ask me about specifics, it's over my head. I must admit I choked up the morning he left for his first day. Maybe it's silly, but honestly, I had to convince myself he was coming home that afternoon...that he wouldn't be gone for months. I taught the same day, so I didn't have much time to myself, which was good.

Maybe you're wondering about that grocery store incident? Well, I pretty much spoiled it at the end of the last post, but I'll share. We went grocery shopping a couple weeks ago. The store was crazy, as this particular store usually is, and there are often people who may not be as considerate as they could be. I will swallow those words in a moment. Matt was pushing the cart...he likes doing that, and I had the list in hand. We were immediately stuck behind an, ohhh, 8 year old boy who had a cart in the middle of the aisle, rocking it forward and back but staying quite stationary, quite in the way. We finally manuevered around him. Matt rolled his eyes at me a bit, but I found it quite funny. Literally, minutes later, Matt's mood must've changed because we found ourselves in the empty, wide aisle that contains the paper products. His boyish self sprang forth and with a running start, he jumped on the back of the cart. It turned out of control to the right (don't carts always turn to the right, or squeal, or something?) and slammed into the toilet paper shelf with a huge bang. He was moving I tell you! I was doubled over in hysterics trying to keep myself from having an accident. He on the other hand, was red-faced. After fits of laughter, I rolled my eyes at him and said, between more bouts of laughter, "and you were annoyed by that little boy!" At least he had control of his cart. I love that man, even when he's silly. Our outings usually contain some sort of unplanned activity. I guess you had to be there.

Other news on the homefront: We moved! I will post pictures later. We moved out of that dark, dank, basement!! This has been a long time coming, and we are so blessed with our "new digs" as my brother calls it. Though we don't have millipedes to keep us company any more, we have a one-eyed black cat that sits at our window and "stares" at us, or winks at us, and meows. Moving right along, we have a large living room and kitchen downstairs. Yes, we have stairs! We're thrilled. Then we have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. We love going "downstairs" for breakfast in the morning! This apartment is very nice...I even thought it was too nice for us when we looked at it. Countless things happened for the apartment to still be available for us, and we're thankful. I even started decorating a little bit. This is a must have safety device when Matt's lifting things above my head...can you blame me after the grocery store incident? Just kidding!

(Yes, I'm still in a youth size helmet, so it's flowery).
Family helped us move, and we had fun giving the grand tour. This is our bedroom, and this 2nd bedroom is going to be our office for starters....BUT THEN:

We found out the morning we moved!! Let me tell you, I think I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before. I was so excited to move, and I was so hopeful to have news to share. People tell me I'm real on this blog, and this just may prove it. This is how I look, at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, after 2 hours of sleep, just finding out I'm pregnant:

We are thrilled!!! This is such a miracle and seems to have the Lord's timing written all over it (that's what Matt says :). I went in for some early bloodwork because I had a history of low hormones. We had tried a year ago, I went for testing, and the Dr. was basically telling me I was pre-menopausal, and I'm only 24. I went the herbal route to try to get back on track. We are just so overjoyed! And get this! We found out our news exactly one year to the day since Matt's fairwell get-together last year, more of a sad time. That was also the day my mom gave me that crib cover to embroider....yeah, maybe that will be done by the time our child graduates from high school! ;) Our due date, as of right now (I think it may change a bit), is May 22. Well, Matt and I met, May 22, 2005. Isn't that cool? We were engaged May 20, 2006, and so on. No, these dates certainly weren't planned by us. Wow, I feel like I could write a book. So, we know it's early to some people to be sharing this news, but we need to make our praise known to the Lord and what He is doing. My early test results came back great! We would greatly appreciate continued prayers. I'm feeling pretty nauseaus and tired these days, but I take it as a good sign. So, yes, the frequent bathroom trips have kicked in, and thus, my laughter at the grocery store wasn't helping things. We are so excited to welcome our first little one into the family!

So, I'm sure we're not done going places. In some ways, this is still pretty much the beginning. Thanks for sharing the journey this far.


Andrea said...

Yay! Congrats! THAT was the post I was waiting for :) Megan told me last weekend and I am so excited for you guys! :)

mholgate said...

Becky, I have stopped in from time to time to check in on you since you visited my blog. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations on the wonderful news! It took us 4 years to get pregnant because I also had hormone problems. But then...the blessings just kept on coming! I guess you have one baby and the hormones "reset" themselves. : )

Keep the updates coming. I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy for you.

Kimberly Nicole said...

Wow! Congrats Becky! I had no idea! Talk about perfect timing!! Soooo happy for you guys! :)