Thursday, March 5, 2009

This May Not Come as a Surprise

to you...but, we're pregnant. Yes, "we're" pregnant. That's how Matt always says it, cracking me up. Well, we are in this thing together. 29 weeks along.

So before I get flagged for having a pregnant man picture on my blog, I'll tell you it's just a basketball. I was kind of curious to see how big I am compared to it....and we are just ridiculous and get these wacky ideas.... It was all I could do just to take the picture...this belly was just a-shakin' as I was roaring. Oh, he is a silly man, and the best! (Oh, and sidenote: those really are shadows under our arms....that dark circle/sweat ring isn't there in real life...haha.) So, catch this post while you may not be up forever!

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Matt and Megan said...

ha ha ha! I love these pictures!