Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving...and a Couple Lighter Notes

I'll be moving to another address soon. I'm trying to figure out the best way to help you find it...hopefully, I'll just be able to give you a link from this page. I can't tell you what it is yet because I haven't completely decided, and I don't want to give you an address and then have it be unavailable by the time I make the switch.

I don't have tons to update around here. I'm 7 months (well, on Friday) and ready to meet this little one!! I think I have just barely been able to hear the heartbeat with a stethoscope, which is pretty exciting for me. The baby has also been experiencing hiccups, and he/she kicks or tries to grab the stethoscope...that makes it a little hard for this Momma to hear the heart, but I'll listen to those too! Apparently, the baby has the ability to dream at this stage. I have no idea how they figure these things out. They must be pretty boring dreams though. No wonder the baby wants to grab that stethoscope. He/She's ready for something to play with...ready for some kind of action. Oh, and I see some people have found my little poll. Keep those votes coming...and feel free to share with me what you voted for! I wish I could see who voted boy or girl. I am really itching to at least let out the initials for the baby names, so we'll have to find some sort of substitute for the time being.

We had a fun dinner with Matt and Megan last week, complete with delicious chicken parm and a rousing game of The Office. My Matt's favorite part of the game are the "physical" or "secretarial" challenges. He's kind to let me start standing (since it takes this lady a few minutes and a forklift to get up these days), but his kindness usually gets whomped by his competitive secretarial spirit to race for the 3 business cards first, knocking this pregnant lady out of his way. Oh yes, even tackling this lady to snatch the pen out of her hand to label five things in the room. Ok, so maybe you have to know the game to understand. (Note: It is all in good fun, and as of yet, no one has significant injury to report.) I end up laughing so hard, I just plain give up trying. I figure oxygen becomes more important than winning the game. Being in the company of another's home, I just moved out of the way and watched most of the action take place. Who am I kidding?...I'm not going to "race" around someone else's home without a clue as to where they hide their scotch tape! (The one challenge I always want to do is Kevin's skittles many skittles can you get in your mouth at one time?...but they don't seem to have that one as an option.) Megan ended up with a pretty good "tape facelift," and cousin Matt ended up winning the game. Go Stanley!

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Matt and Megan said...

When I saw "moving" I thought you'd found a house! I needed to re-read to find out otherwise...he he.

So the reruns of The Office this week would have helped me with the game! They were filled with answers to the questions!

I now know that when Kelly dumped a milkshake on a little boys head from the ferris wheel Ryan just laughed! I would have gotten that question!

We'll just have to play again!