Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peanut Butter and Balogna Sandwiches

No, that's not a new craving I have. It was a concoction I created as a child, hoping for the best of both worlds I suppose. (I still struggle with indecision sometimes.) Thankfully, I learned from it and never made such a sandwich again. Why do I bring up such a nasty combination? Because true to form, I have a few nasty concoctions going on right now inside me. Me being 12 days late is no news to you. Neither is the fact that I pulled a ligament in my back and have shooting sciatica pain down my right side. How's this to just top things off? Only because I am who am do these things happen.

Well, it was requested to see another belly picture. I believe this was taken on Friday at my parents. My dad just gets a kick out of the ginormous size of my belly. He sent this lovely picture to the entire family, and so I share with you all because I'm crazy. There is nothing flattering about it, and you can tell I'm thrilled with the idea of my picture being taken by my hand gestures. I need to take a "good" picture sometime (which probably does not exist at this point), maybe later today, of me in an upright position.

Ok, so I realize I never answered my question 2 paragraphs ago. No, that's not my pregnancy forgetfulness (which has definitely taken over). I just wanted you to see the size of this enormous watermelon of a belly so you understand why I might have pulled a ligament and how uncomfortable I am with the new "icing on the cake" discomfort. Are you ready? I seem to have poison ivy on my incredibly stretched, already sore and tender belly! Does it get any better than this? I noticed the other day it was a bit more itchy than usual, but my stomach which looks more like a vertical volcano that's erupted with lots of "grooves" now, shall we say. Yes, those stretch marks made it hard to see the little red patches forming. I know this is gross. Tell me about it! My suspicions seem to be confirmed this morning. How did I get it? My husband had a little on his neck from paintball, and somehow, I must have scratched his neck and then my belly because isn't that something everyone does? I don't know. I'm Becky. This is what happens. Of course, my husband has had poison ivy more times than I can count in the 2 years we've been married. He seems to be a magnet. I have never once in my life contracted it! That is, not until now! Because, after all, it is the icing on this pregnancy cake. Matt and I were just saying 2 days ago how I appear to not be sensitive to it because I've been exposed so many times and how we're hoping our children get that immunity from me. Ha! Yesterday, on the tv show, The Drs., they were just saying how poison ivy is not contagious. Mmm, hmm. Thankfully, we have some good cleanser and anti-itch stuff since this is common in our household. Hopefully, that will do the trick.

So, later this morning, I'm on my way to an ultrasound and non-stress test to make sure the baby is doing ok. We're also interested in the size of this baby. Yeah, you saw my picture! We'll see if they turn me away after noticing my lovely red spots. Please pray it doesn't spread, that all is well with the baby, and that relief comes soon!


Beth said...

My husband's cousin had a weird itchy rash throughout her pregnancy... they told her it was because she was having a boy, some sort of reaction with their conflicting hormones or something? Listen to me, being all medical, with the big terms and everything. I am SO not a baby nurse! :) It was called PUPPPS - but I don't know what that stands for. So it's either poison ivy, or a boy in there... ha ha. Hope that at least made you laugh. Hang in there, girl!

Andrea said...

I think you look great for being almost 2 weeks overdue! You're nearly a month more pregnant that I ever was and I swear I was two times bigger than you are!