Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it Already Monday Again?

Ok, I know it's only been 2 posts since a Not Me Monday, but here we are again.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

For starters, I did not plan a secret attack on my husband while he was in the bathroom. I did not use the Nerf gun from his birthday that I obviously don't know how to handle yet. I of course did not burst into laughter upon rounding the corner because I can't do such things quietly, and he did not end up surprising me by coming out of the bathroom earlier than I expected. In my surprise, I did not get trigger happy and shoot him at super close range, hitting him right in the lip due to my terrible aim. I did not almost cry as it started to puff because I was so sorry.

My wonderful husband most certainly did not surprise me today when I arrived at my parents this afternoon taking a couple hours off from work to spend with his wife. As soon as I entered the door, I was not greeted by my adorable 2 year old nephew, Nathanael, who did not get all excited to see, "Becky, Ball." You see, when he says ball, he could not be referring to the large ball I appear to be hiding under my shirt. He did not ask "Becky, Ball" to sit on the little kitchen circle rug while patting the exact place he thought would be a nice seat. I did not tell the poor boy that "Becky, Ball" would never get up from that nice little spot from the middle of the kitchen floor if "we" sat there and it was best left for our dog, Caleb. When we left, Nathanael did not give me a hug and then proceed to give "ball" a great big grin and hug.

You all heard about how I did not pull a ligament in my back on Friday, which has now not resulted in sciatic pain in my rear. But, you know me, I'm not a complainer!

We did not get the call today that our car was finally ready for pick up after that little deer incident. We were not dropped off at the repair shop by a man from the rental company who got lost on our way and then chatted our ear off leaving me thinking we would never get out of the car. My husband was not told his payment card was expired as he tried to pay the deductible. Of course his card would not have expired yesterday! He did not, therefore, have to walk to the nearest bank to take care of the situation because afterall, we did not already turn in our rental. I did not worry after Matt left on his hike to the bank that it would be closed. I reached into my purse to find that I did not leave my cell phone at home plugged into the charger, unable to call him. I then did not brace myself for a tired, frustrated husband to return. He did not make it all the way back when we realized we could have used my card. Oops. I have not lost my marbles due to this pregnancy. So now, we of course do not have to switch over our hospital gear to another vehicle...again. I do not actually miss the stink of the rental car after riding home in our original vehicle with a new unpleasant stench and worry about the carseat getting stinky or what the baby will be breathing in.

I also do not watch that little video clip I posted below several times a day. I would never admit to watching a few times in a row at different times during the day as a "pick-me-up." If you haven't seen it, I'm sure it will put a smile on your face!

Ok, I'll stop there. My weeks tend to be full of "adventures," but I'm sure you don't want to hear about them all. Happy Monday everyone!


Andrea said...

I was waiting to read that you did "not" piddle while laughing while shooting your hubby in the lip he he he!

I was also hoping to read that you did "not" go into labor yet.

I'll add this... I did "not" go shopping today and pick up some cute pink clothes for a baby gift :) Here's to hoping it's "not" a girl! (Or I'll "not" have to go shopping again!)

Andrea said...

oooh oooh! Can we see one last belly picture? Please :)

Beth said...

Ohh, "Becky, Ball!" makes me laugh. Kids are so cute. Ben jabs me right in the belly button with his finger when I say, "Where's the baby?" ...and sometimes he will look at his own belly, as if the baby might have moved. Ha ha. :)

Yes, yes, one last belly picture sounds fantastic!