Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 100

Ok, sense the sarcasm. This is my 100th post, but it's not super happy. Yes, I'll be honest, I was hoping my 100th would have a wonderfully grand announcement included. Instead, I'm doing my best to remain upbeat and keep my sanity. Yes, I'm still here with a babe inside. Have you noticed my little ticker to the right? Apparently, it has lost all patience and that floating baby has just disappeared! Sometimes, it feels the cards are just stacked against us. Haha, even Megan's puppy was born first. But HEY, I just learned dogs are only pregnant for like 8 weeks, so whatever. Last night, errr, early morning around 3, I woke up for one of my many bathroom trips, and I did not use the imperative discretion needed at this point in my graceful rising. I did indeed pull a ligament (at least, we're pretty sure that's what it is) in my back. Yowser! I actually wondered if I was having significant back labor, but as the day progressed, nothing else has happened and the pain became pretty pin-pointed. So, Happy 100 to me! haha Really, I'm doing amazingly well at the moment, but I would appreciate any and all prayers after being in so much pain, I mean, experiencing such distraction (I'm not using the "p" know, trying to be the other "p" word, positive)...and fearing I'll have to deal with that on top of labor. Maybe that's silly to you all, but you know me, I try to be honest on here, and that is the honest truth, I'm not sure how I'll handle both, let alone one. Anyway, I know I still have much to be thankful for. I certainly don't want all my posts to sound negative. I'm getting rid of the whiny pants. I am definitely blessed despite it all.

So, while I lay with my hot pad and switch to ice, I'll share this worth it for my 100th post. Obviously, it's not me, and it's not anyone I know. I certainly can't take any credit for it, but how CUTE is this couple? The story goes, they've been married 62 years, and the man recently turned 90! My husband has been a wonderful support to me today (as always...he's going to be a great labor coach, someday), and I only hope we can have this much fun in our 90's. We better get crackin' at learning the piano. At least we can do the other little "trick" they do! Enjoy!!

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Andrea said...

Still no baby? Can't you just go open the envelope already? We're all just anxious wanting to know if we should be buying pink or blue!!! Hope the next couple of days or so brings on real labor and that baby just pops/slides/drops out :)