Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Birthday

Remember this post from last year? Well, here we are again, today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday, Matt!!

This year, I don't have to mail his birthday package and go without talking with him for a couple weeks at the time of his birthday. I don't have to see his excitement at receiving an old Hawaii hat that was too small through pictures instead of real life. He's home this year!! Actually, a couple weeks before his birthday last year, I started our blog. So, if you've tried to click on the "Us" link to the right, Sorry! It's set to private because there's nothing on there you probably want to read...and it was just between Matt and I (when he had access to internet). Yeah, we wrote love notes back and forth! Gasp! I also included many prayers on there to encourage him. Yes, I sent pictures of me doing whatever I was doing that day too...stuff you really wouldn't be interested in. But, trust me, seeing pictures of matter what he was doing at the time, we're so important to me.

Matt's been saying he'd like the baby to be born on his birthday. Well, unfortunately, I do not think it will be today. However, I have a feeling we're getting closer. 12 hours of contractions last night might have something to do with that hunch. So, we're going to go walking today and eat some pineapple (hey, it's his favorite fruit...and it naturally induces labor!). We will also probably be battling it out sometime this afternoon. Shh, keep this secret till this afternoon...Matt's getting the Nerf shotgun he's been wanting for months. I know, I know. He's 28 years old and still wants toys. Well, it's not much fun if he's the only one with the toy, so I had to get myself one. I just got a cheapy gun for myself that has rapid fire and more darts than his. Hey, I need any advantage I can get these days! I also got him/us some camping chairs (the foldable ones in the bag), among a couple other things and a baby item he'll like, because we've been needing them and have the reunion to look forward to. I was pushing them around the store in the cart yesterday and an older man, a little older than my not old....looks in my cart, looks at me. "You're going to do that? You're going to go your condition?" I smiled and chuckled a little and said, "Yes, but later in the summer." "Have you ever thought about camping at the Hyatt instead?" I guess he was being thoughtful by saying I should camp in luxury and sleep in a nice comfy bed. Well, that wouldn't be much of a camping trip! I didn't get around to telling him I'll probably be staying in a room at the reunion and not tenting this year because our little one will be so...little. Details. The man made no comment about the Nerf guns in my cart. Go figure.

Yes, I'll take one of those little Matt's (he's the farthest to the right) anytime! What a little munchkin!

Happy Birthday Man!!

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krazytrina said...

Beautiful Becky!! :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I haven't stopped by here in quite a while. You look great!

any spaghetti and meatball dancing these days? ;)

I do really like the music on your page.

and Happy birthday Matt!

Choose joy!