Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Closer?

So, I technically have about 15 days till my due date, but maybe, just maybe we're getting closer! I have noticed some changes that point to that possibility. 2 days ago, I started getting the backaches with my contractions. Sometimes, I've been so uncomfortable I find it ridiculous...I think all this, and I'm still not in labor. Now, I know I can't fathom what real labor is going to feel like, but I admit, the past 2 days have not been a walk in the park. While I was experiencing some of this discomfort, I was at a couple grocery stores Tuesday. Walking was so uncomfortable and hormonal mood swings hit me out of no-where. Matt will be the first to tell you he's been impressed at how "stable", shall we say?, I've been emotionally with all these hormonal changes, especially since my body didn't know what hormones really were before this...and ultimately wound me up in the emergency room while my body tried to sort of balance. Anyway, I about had a break down. Nothing was wrong. I was just uncomfortable. No one bumped me with their cart. No one offered an insensitive comment to me. Evenstill, I thought I was going to burst into tears. A couple times I contemplated leaving my cart of groceries and just going home. I also contemplated calling my husband to have him come rescue me at the grocery store. I felt ridiculous, yet I didn't care. I made it to the checkout without letting out my burst of tears, and I got my first real compliment...haha, that didn't make any sense, but hey, it was a compliment. The cashier asked when I was due. I told her I was in just a couple weeks. She looked at me with huge eyes and said, "You do NOT look like you're that far along!" Ha! She must have been facing my belly straight on and not been seeing this profile! (Pictures taken at 37 weeks.)

Maybe, really, she must've known I needed a little pick me up. I made it home, exhausted. Matt took me to Taco Bell for dinner and let me take a nap! What a man! He also rearranged our bedroom a bit to allow room for the pack and play (which he set up) and more room for me to get out of bed for bathroom trips now and to tend to our baby when he or she arrives!


Andrea said...

You look tiny. Seriously. I swear I was that big (small?) when I was like 6 months pregnant!

krazytrina said...

Becky!! :) you look adorable! and i like your pink top. Can you email me your # next chance you get? thanks. I still never got it into my new phone and so when I wanted to call you recently I couldn't.

love and miss you! Happy Mother's day again! :)