Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random thoughts

So, we're here (mostly anyway...we still have some more at the apartment) in the new to us house. It was new to somebody in 1885 or whatever. It's old, but I like a lot of old things. Right now, I'm doing laundry in our new to us washer and dryer! It really is a dream come true. I'm not a fan of laundry mats (except it only takes 1 load worth for all laundry to be done) and being dependent on others' schedules while sharing laundry was difficult too. Now, I can just throw a load in whenever I want. Maybe it's time for me to dream bigger, but I'm very happy right now. The only bummer is it's a Thin of those stacked units, and the capacity is small, but it's perfect for the cloth diapers. I sort of get my head stuck in it checking to make sure there aren't loose socks in the washer to transfer to the dryer, but, oh well. Our laundry room is a closet area. The previous owners had fancy shmancy front loaders stacked up in it. We're not quite there yet. For now, I am loving our own machine, and having it on the 1st floor! Dream come true, I tell ya!

I'm debating whether to post pictures on here...after they're taken of course. I've been busy with other things. Oh yes, a birthday party post is to come. For now, I'll share a few things about the house. It has beautiful hardwood floors throughout. I fell in love with them the moment we walked through the home the first time. The ceilings are so high, which is wonderful because we have big boys in our house. Yes, Stevie is 32 1/2 inches, as of his 1 year appointment. The little paper they give us shows us he's >97th percentile. I guess they don't go higher than 97% on the chart? On an incredibly ridiculous note, our toilet is really tall. (I think giants lived in this house in 1885...or...maybe when the toilet was installed.) Umm, great for these big boys I guess. I'm a little worried about the whole potty training experience though with a tall toilet. I'm also worried about the potty training experience with the only potty being up a very narrow windy the very tall toilet. It's a good thing we have a washing machine...and those hardwood floors...err not?! I'm debating whether or not to buy a potty seat or just get one of those little seats that go over the toilet with the handle bars, haha. No, I'm not planning to potty train Stevie yet, but crazy as this may be, I'm thinking of trying to have him use the toilet for his BM's. He will love that I'm putting this on here when he's 16, but sometimes, he won't go until I change in, while I change him. I think it's too hard to push while sitting on the floor...if you know what I mean. I'm sure it will be better once he's walking too. Speaking of these floors and his movement (no, the other movement), it's taking some adjustment of skills for Stevie to crawl around here. It's a bit slippery! Mental note to self: I need to buy more socks with grip on them from Old Navy. Yes, Old Navy has wonderful baby socks. They fit him well (better than any other kind we've tried), and the sizes are right on the bottom...genius! No more digging through mismatched sized socks!

Umm, back to the house. I love natural woodwork...and usually in natural wood color, but this house is full of white woodwork, trim, and crown molding...and I'm in love. I also like the paint colors that are already here, which is great. We did paint our bedroom though...yes, Matt did it the morning of Stevie's party. That was so crazy. Anyway, we both really like the color, but it's a little more periwinkle than I hoped for. It's a soft but bright blue (does that make any sense?). We have never painted our own room before this! In our last apartment, it was pepto bismol pink! Puke! (My apologies if you like that color.) And, the bedroom carpet was also pink. We were allowed to paint and change things...but knowing it was temporary and would cost us money, we decided to just grin and bear it. So, you can imagine this is very exciting! Our living room is a warm yellow, our kitchen a sage green, and our dining room, a cheery? red. The dining room is my least favorite color at the moment. I prefer a more country red...I feel it's a little pinkish, but it will do for now. There are several old windows with stain glass. I'm not exactly in love with them (to put it nicely), but they're also not high on my priority list to change. If only money did grow on these trees... I want my curtains first! I figure, maybe I can just cover them up with curtains for now since they are up high on the windows!

The stairs. Well, this is one reason why we're not entirely moved in yet. As I said, the house was built a long time ago. The stairs are narrow with a 90 degree turn...and the stairs are completely enclosed. Our queen box spring is never going to see our bedroom. Matt and my dad are drawing up plans to build separate ones. For now, we are sleeping on our mattress on the floor, which was bent in half to make it up the stairs. One dresser will also never see the upstairs. It may need a new home.

The backyard is still a favorite. We have the swing set and so much room to play! Well, it was a favorite. My brother came over (they happen to live a mile away) with his boy, and the boys were on the swings. He told me to be checking for snapping turtles after rain days, since we're by some water and we have reedy growth on our side yard. Umm, no thank you. I'm going to have binoculars in the bathroom window to check things out before Stevie and I go out. Matt's going to have to equip me with some defensive gear too. Maybe we'll just go for walks after rainy days and leave the swing set time for after Daddy gets home. Yes, walks! I've been able to take Stevie for walks some mornings and afternoons already! What a blessing! There are sidewalks and soon to be a trail right outside our street! Before, we lived on a street way too busy to go for walks outside our driveway. Last night, we went on a celebratory date. The 3 of us walked down to the gas station in town to get a treat...candy bars, haha. It was too cold for ice cream! We'll do that when it's warmer! Of course, it started to sprinkle on our way home, so we had to walk and eat quickly. I've never really desired to live so close to the main part of a town or village (I like the country), but it's working out nicely.

We're figuring out the quirks of the home. Stevie is doing well adjusting to the loud creaks of the floors and stairs, and we're working on making the doors close...because right now, they don't. We figured this out about the bathroom door during Stevie's party. Oops. I may need to make a little sign for the bathroom like the elementary classroom bathrooms to signify it's availability.

This house is really more than we could've dreamed. There are certainly areas that need work (and a little animal de-smelling that we didn't notice till after the sellers moved out), but like I announced to Matt after our 1st walk through: This house has 3 prong outlets! (a "luxury" not found in many of the houses we looked at)...and certainly a lot of charm! It's really nice to have a place to call our own and a place to raise our family. We're really thankful for the way the Lord has blessed us. And of course, we're happy to be home!

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