Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm still here...

Well, I guess I'm around...just haven't been blogging. It's my 199th post in case you were wondering.

Where have I been?

*Raking, raking, raking. I love big old trees. They don't love me back apparently. I have raked more the past few weeks than I probably have my entire life. The trees are ginormous and looked oh so nice when we moved in to this here house. Mm hmm. I'm supposed to be out there now in fact. I decided to say hello instead....then I'll make my way...

*Not blogging. In fact, I haven't even been able to read and catch up as often as usual on my favorites. I can't even find some of my favorites any more. My laptop died. (I saved my favorites under my "favorites," you know?) I should have a ceremony for that thing. It got me through a lot. It was the one I was given and used through Matt's entire ordeal that first year of marriage (aka his recall and deployment). It was not always loved though...because it crashed after loading his homecoming pictures from a friend's camera. I only still have them because I posted some on here and facebook. Friends, do you know how to get the original quality and size out of them? I would be forever grateful if we could rectify that. Anyway, it let me talk with and see my husband from afar. I began my blog on that old (yeah, 3 years old?) laptop. It gave me an outlet to spill some thoughts and emotion. I was able to keep in contact with some awesome cousins with it. I dragged it with me wherever I went so I wouldn't be tied down at home. Poor Bethany's sleep overs, I slept with my cell phone next to my ear and my laptop practically nailed to my sleeping bag. You military wives know what I mean. It held onto the memories of expecting Stevie and the pictures of his birth...and since. Thankfully, I think I have most of the pictures on our old desktop. I better back those up. It became a dating tool for Matt and I post-Stevie's arrival. After Stevie goes off to dreamland, we would often snuggle up and watch a show online. Afterall, we went to bed shortly after, and all the shows come on tv after we go to bed. Oldies.

We had shared some memories that old laptop and I. I'm thankful for the time we had it. (Just don't ask how many laptops have died or been damaged by us...just during that year.)

*I've mostly just been busy with the Stevie man and taken a break from a lot of computer-y stuff. I've also been falling asleep...boy I need to pass this tired stage. Baby's been moving! More on that another time. I have stories to share...because I always forget to write them. Like the time I zipped Stevie up in his sleeper for bed, and Matt started laughing at the huge bulge protruding out of his leg. Apparently, the lotion...yeah, the big Aveeno lotion container, somehow jumped in his pantleg before he was all zipped up. I had no clue until Matt's laughter snapped me out of pregnancy brain (not sure that really works though). It didn't bother Stevie a bit, but I did take it out...and laugh. What did you say? You've been missing such stupid--I mean silly--stories? I'll be back.

But first, I must go rake.

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