Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life Around Here

My days don't always go as planned. I was going to get lots of outdoor work done. I was going to rake the deep layer of leaves in our front yard. Well, I got some done, but my rake is falling apart...and Stevie had enough of stick time I guess. Then I was going to do some scrubbing of our siding. I have no idea what's stuck to it or what's growing there, but it needs to be off. It started raining. So, here I sit, eating a waffle and blogging instead.

Stevie loves it when he says "Ow" and we repeat him. He's not hurt. He just likes the word. Where did he learn it? Umm, Full House. We rented season 1, and DJ was singing to her favorite artist (remember she skips school in that one? ...yeah, I used to really love that show). Anyway, she ended with a screamed, "Ow!" He repeated it right after and has thought it's hilarious ever since.

We still take walks to the post office. I manage to pinch my finger/s in the stroller snap...a lot. Ugh. I got this really nasty blood blister that turned black. Nice, huh? Well, I'm sharing that because I thought this was funny: Stevie and I were sharing some sort of dessert, can't remember what, and he kept picking at my finger to get the "chocolate" off. He won't let any go to waste. Boy after my own heart.

Speaking of sharing, I never really liked sharing my Reese's peanut butter cups. But with Stevie, it isn't hard at all. Amazing how things change, huh?

I did a little diaper bag fall cleaning and took the swim diaper out. It may or may not have been used as a hot pad for a plate since it was conveniently on the table.

Matt and I were watching something the other night, and he was eating a piece of pie. (We like dessert around here, ok?) I watched him out of the corner of my eye and then demanded to know why he was blowing on his chocolate pie which obviously was not hot. He was adamant that he wasn't blowing on the pie on his fork. We both rolled with laughter as I realized and remembered he had a bit of a cold and was breathing out of his mouth...apparently, he was breathing heavily. I never said we weren't weird.

We went to the zoo last weekend. It was the first fun family outing we've had in a really long time. Stevie loves dogs, so we figured other animals would be exciting for him as well. Well, I wouldn't say he was entirely amused, but we still had a good time. He seemed to like the monkeys best since they were the most active, but the big stuff...the elephants, the polar bears, we were only able to see their butts. I didn't go wild about that either. I think they know we're paying money to see them. Rude. It was the zooboo thing. So, Stevie was dressed as Superman and got some candy and a little stuffed monkey. He wasn't too interested in the whole candy receiving process either. I'll cut him some slack. He's 16 months old...and we switched him to 1 nap a day that week. He was soo ready to fall asleep the whole time. He was good, just tired. Oh well. After his nap, he was all about digging into his bag to see what was in it. He also learned if he bit some of the wrapper he'd get to the chocolate. Yeah, we need to watch that. You should see this boy's smile when he eats an M&M. I have to tape it. His first taste, he's unsure because it's different. After a couple of chews, this smile starts spreading across his face till his eyes light up and his eyebrows raise. Then he looks at me ever so sweetly for another.

Apparently, I have a lot of food thoughts today. My cravings went wild last night, and really the most I've had so far this time around. I kept telling Matt as he was trying to go to sleep that I wanted mashed potatoes and gravy, french fries with ketchup, so and so's green beans...on and on.

My birthday's coming up. My request is dinner at Boston Market. (I like how I can get a million sides, and they're so good. Their mac and cheese...) I also wanted a vaporizer for the cold I had for a month. I got the vaporizer early and my cold has finally gone! It doesn't always take much to please this girl!

Little man is cruising around the house...on 2 feet! We are so excited! It's been a long time coming. He used to think crawling got him where he wanted to go quickly, now he's traded that in. A few days after taking lots of steps he already attempted to run. Hilarious. It was sort of a gallop of a few steps and then a fall. He's a trooper though. He got right back up to do it again.

The sun is out again, and Stevie should be up from his nap soon. Maybe I needed the rest today.

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