Friday, October 8, 2010

It hapened again

A few posts ago, I mentioned I was nervous I might have another episode and end up in the ER again. Well, I had another episode 2 weeks ago, but I was thankfully able to skip the trip to the hospital. I was checking something online, and I felt the pins and needles in my chin/jaw area. I tried to ignore it. Then I felt it on my nose. I thought maybe if I laid down, nothing else would happen. Sounds reasonable, right? So, I laid on the couch. On my trip there, I told Matt I was having some numbness, and it spread to my right hand...through the fingers and then up my arm. Here we go again! Same side and everything. A short while later, I tried to tell Matt how I was feeling...and I messed up one word. I warned Matt that "it" was beginning. My speech was way worse than it was with my episode with Stevie...which doesn't seem to be very possible, but I also think I tried to limit my speech then because it really required too much work. I decided I needed to call my dr about it...but of course took a shower first just in case I was told to go to the hospital. Because I'm like that. By the time I got out of the shower, it was difficult for me to dial the dr's number....and the nurse, the poor nurse on the end of the line was so patient and kind. It's the strangest thing to have half of your vocabulary but to be missing the other half. I started by telling her that I have some of the same symptoms as my first pregnancy. She was probably real thrilled to waste her time with this...."sure, honey, nausea, fatigue?" But, she didn't say that. She just said, "such as..." That's where I was blank. All I could say was, "Umm, umm, I'm sorry (a little slurred)...I can't..." Matt had to mouth words to me. Headache, numbness, pins and needles, arm....those words were out the window of my brain. I had quizzed Matt beforehand on words. "What's the word?" The one I remember most clearly was trying to remember was "headache." The closest I got to it was "haireed." I should've handed the phone to Matt at this point, but at least she got an idea of what I was going through! I can't remember half of the English language, but I could clearly think, "This lady is going to think I'm on drugs!"

Because this was pretty much identical to the last time, I was able to stay home and rest. Another trip to the neurologist is in order soon. Fun. Speaking of that, Matt was asking about me going in...and I was like, all they're going to do is have me touch my finger to my nose over and over again (what they did last time)...and so I modeled it sarcastically...and my finger involuntarily went to my cheek instead of my nose. Nice. Exactly what they're looking for. Check me in, now. Matt told me I said some pretty crazy things to him...but I had no idea because I thought I was saying the right words. A short time later, the actual migraine kicked in.

If I'm pregnant again, I just plan on staying home for the entire 8th week of pregnancy. Apparently, that's my hormonal craziness of them anyway. They are still calling them complex migraines due to hormones. I was hoping the 2nd time around my body would have a better idea of how to handle them, but I guess not. I'm just really glad I haven't been out anywhere when it's happened.

So, that's my adventure of late...and now I'm just battling a cold...but my speech is a whole lot better!


LeAnna said...

Goodness, girl! That sounds scary! I read a ladies blog the other night and a few weeks before she was due she had some similar symptoms. They diagnosed her with some type of pregnancy bells palsy or something. I had a dream the other night that I could talk, it is such a bizarre and scary feeling in a dream, I can't imagine it being real!

Anonymous said...

wow I'm praying for you Becky! And I had a really fun dream the other night that I stopped by to see you, but that your entire George family was headed out- all in one little station wagon! Yup- your parents, Pete Laurel and everyone included! It was funny.
Anyways, I love you beautiful lady!