Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Precious Lydia,

You are 9 months old. Wow! 9 months in and 9 months out! It's a little shocking to me to be thinking about what kind of cake to make for your 1st birthday. It won't be your first taste of sweetness though because of your caring, sharing big brother (and grandma too!). You don't seem to have a favorite food, but you definitely prefer the food over your bottles. Graham crackers are especially enjoyed and messy because you have to flip the ends and bite off the opposite end each time. You've been army crawling for about a month and have just started to crawl on your knees. You're pulling up in your crib too. Your first two little teeth poked through 2 days before Christmas (exactly on your 8 month birthday).

You're still a smiley little girl, but your real hearty laugh only appears when Stevie is doing something silly. When I pick you up, you immediately nuzzle your soft little head into my neck and shoulder and smile. It's one of the best things in life, and those cuddles are always welcome. You love your baby doll and give her lots of hugs and smiles...and little chuckles. It brings me such joy to see you loving on your little baby at 8 and 9 months old. You absolutely lit up and reached out for her the moment you saw her on Christmas morning. I pray that I'm showing you a loving, joyful, and patient mother. (Even as I write this, I hear you waking early from your nap unhappily.) Sleep hasn't been super high on your priority list these days. The other night, you joined us in our room and thought it was super fun. You partied from the time I brought you in at 1am till 6am when we both decided sleep was a goner for that night. The room was dark, so you'd feel around to find our faces and squeeze our noses. For a few minutes, you held my hand and slept. The rest of the night, you'd rustle up to a sitting position and grace us with your first word, "Hi!" Sometimes, you'd top the "Hi" off with a little chuckle. Yes, we're proud of you too, but greetings can be saved for the morning.

You love your jumperoo. It's been a hit for a few months now. You smile all the while you jump. When on the floor, you're all over the downstairs chasing after Stevie's toys, and no matter where you are, I often hear, "Oh, Ly-ia", which is apparently my cue to rescue you or the toy you have snatched from Stevie. You've just begun to sit back on your knees while playing, and that's one of my favorite milestones in little ones.

These are such precious moments and days, even if they do seem long for both of us sometimes. When you are completely content, you often kick and swing your right foot rhythmically. I often look at you and wonder what song is playing in your little heart. Hold onto that joyful song, precious Lydia, and sing, play, and dance unto the Lord. You are His treasured possession, and you are mine.

Love always and with a kiss,

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