Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shopping with little ones

Shopping with little ones...maybe I could write a series.

It was a family ordeal last week when we went shopping together at Target. It is our go-to place for diapers, wipes, and formula. When Matt is graciously shopping with us, Stevie doesn't ride in the cart. When I'm on my own (which is often the case), both kiddos are in the cart.

Anyway, we got what we needed and were headed on our way to check out. Stevie is always super thrilled to be walking and exploring rather than being contained in a shopping cart. He likes to touch everything he sees. Yes, we are at that stage.

We were walking through the little (but bigger than my boy) boys section where the socks and undies are hanging on the wall. Stevie seemed to admire the Batman underwear and sock set though he has no idea who Batman is. However, something else quickly took his attention. One of the small metal loopy rods that hang articles on the walls was on the floor. "What a treasure," Stevie must've thought, as he picked it up ...and then proceeded to use it to pick his nose. Oy. "You need to put that down, and we do not pick our nose...with ...anything!"

So, if you find yourself walking through the aisles of Target and you see one of those metal rods, you probably better not touch it. Or, if you're in search of one, ask for their special extra long metal nose picker. Maybe Stevie needs a little more time in the shopping cart.

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