Friday, September 7, 2012

3 Year Old Stevie Memories

This is a big milestone for both of us.  I get to record some of the funny, memorable things Stevie says (and does).  I longed for the day I would hear sweet words we could understand.  Here are some lately:

"Mommy, I want apple."  This is him saying he wants to do school....the first week was a lot about apples, so I guess that's what he thinks about.  Hopefully, it will make more sense to him as we go on.

Calling bees "beans" ...still cracks me up.

"Up-up truck" is pick-up truck.

During A week of school, we learned about ants.  I quiz him a bit with pictures of things that start with our letter.  Every time I showed him an ant and asked him what it was he said, "Umm, a bug."  "Well, yes, but it's called an ant. Ant, Stevie."  He'd repeat.  "Now what is this?" "Umm, a bug."  I think I may need to start posts including school bloopers.

He all of a sudden has a fear of thunder.  I think it was those fireworks that did him in a few weeks ago.  So now, when I tuck him into bed for naps or the night, he says,"What's that noise?"  "What noise, Stevie?"  "Noise in the sky."  I reassure him there is no thunder tonight, and we are all ok.

Yesterday, he was busy jumping on our bed (that may or may not have been a sprinkle B activity), and he was singing some of his verse song with me.  "On my bed, I remember you..."  Just this week, he has been singing a word here or there almost everyday, and one day he was singing several words!  Well, I had also gotten out the mega blocks that day in the kids' room as an occupier (and another B activity).  Lydia was busy with the blocks, Stevie was enjoying our bed yelling, "Goo Stevie!" before each cannon ball, and I was trying to put laundry away.  I kept asking Stevie if he was going to play with the blocks.  He'd tell me no, but a few minutes later, I just barely caught this mumbled jumbled sentence come out of his mouth, "2 more minutes and go play with blocks, ok, Stevie? Ok."  Ha!  I had to ask him if that was what he just said, and he said yes, smiling.  We have to give him a lot of warnings to help with his transitions, and here he was doing it for himself.

Yesterday, we had to go to the bank.  There once was a time for Stevie when going anywhere was a bit of a thrill.  Now, he'd rather play with his toys...unless it's going to someone's house!  He will often bring a toy with him when we go.  We usually encourage a small toy.  One day a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to bring his Cars folding chair, haha.  Oh my sweet boy.  He's never tried that before, and I didn't have the heart to try to change his mind when he carried the thing out, down the steps, opened the front passenger door of the van, put it on the floor, and said, "There." with a heavy sigh after all that hard work.  So, the chair rode with us.  Well, Stevie was playing with matchbox trucks, and I said he could bring them to the bank.  I went upstairs to grab something, came back down to see Stevie ready to go at the door with a different truck in his hand.  Whatever.  I pick up my purse, and I see his matchbox trucks inside, haha.  "Stevie, what's in Mommy's purse?"  "Sire trucks!"  (working on the f sound)  I guess so!  His fire trucks went to the bank in my purse, and he never asked for them.  I guess they were just along for the ride.

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