Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brought to You by the Letter B

I'm a fan of learning in a natural environment.  Well, I used to be.

I promised I would put a post up that wasn't about homeschooling.  And, this isn't really about homeschooling.

We are learning about the letter B this week and made the letter into a cute little bumble bee (more on that in another post).  Well, lately Stevie hasn't been a big fan of bugs.  It all started when we tried to make use of our picnic table outside one night, and the little fruit flies were everywhere, so we had to move back inside.  Stevie said, "Mommy, bugs out of control!"  He had just heard Matt say that and was repeating, but it was funny nonetheless...and I'm still in awe of his speech progress.  Matt had been very annoyed by the bugs.  Stevie picked that up.  So, everytime we went outside after that, he was telling me about bugs.  "Oh no, a bug!"  He now won't step foot in a swimming pool if he sees something floating on the water (not too bad of logic to live by in some cases).

Anyway, I don't think I've helped with the bug deal today.  Every year, we get yellow jackets on our front porch around this time.  They just started appearing, so we were going to get the bee killer spray later today.  We had to leave for a well visit for Lydia at the Dr.'s this morning (which we never ended up seeing the Dr. because of insurance junk I just don't even want to get into...story of our life the past 2 years).  I ran the kids out, literally.  We made it safe.  Beforehand, I explained a bit to Stevie, hoping he wouldn't dilly dally, that we needed to go quickly to the van because of the bees.  Stevie kept talking about the bugs and the beans...bees are beans.  Well, I forgot the wipes, so I had to run back in the house.....should read, "I had to run through the bee tornado" because that was my reality.  I know, I know.  Ignore them and they won't bother you.  I've tried it all people and been stung way more times, mostly in my youth, by following such ridiculous rules.  I also could've just said nuts to the wipes and left without them, but you all know, Lydia would've pooped at the Dr's, and we'd all be sorry and in a bind.  On my way out, wipes in hand, running to the van, I hear the terrifying buzz.  I start screaming.  I hear the buzz near the back of my head, way too close for comfort.  I run to the van, doors open, hoping the bee has flown off.  My hair was still down, slightly damp from my shower this morning.  It's there!  I hear it!  I fling my head down to shake out my hair, and the thing ...things, how many were there??...nails me several times on my neck and finger.  I'm screaming, "Get out!  Get off!!" with other horrified screams because the thing is not gone and clearly it's going to eat me alive while my children watch from their car seats.  I finally shake it out of my SHIRT!  I jump in the van, trying to figure out if it's really gone.  Stevie starts asking, "What happened?" and mumbles on about a "bug"...and the "beans."  He doesn't seem to scarred from the incident, but time will tell.

So far I'm doing ok.  It bled...never had blood from stings before, not like this anyway, and we'll see how it swells.  Mine usually get large and itchy.  A big red bump should work to top off B week.  But really, I'm so thankful the kids are safe, and the bees better not come near them!!  Matt should have them toasted when he gets home.  We'll be watching Bob the Builder safely inside.

Next year, let's make a cute craft of a backhoe instead because a letter B shape made into a can of bee killer spray would probably be seen as inappropriate by some.  And if we made a cute little B bear...I'd probably be attacked by a bear (although we're doing more on bears later in the week.  Fantastic!).  A backhoe seems a pretty safe choice.  It's just going to take a little creativity that's all.

C week should be much involves cookies.

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