Friday, August 31, 2012

More Sprinkle Activities

Ok, this is my last homeschool post until I post something else.  (I have some drafts, but...)

Anyway, Stevie wanted to do school today, bless his little heart.  He asked me.  He wanted to read the apple book again...had to be on the floor and on the blanket.  Then he wanted to do an apple...I think he meant he wanted to color or do a project.  So, we did.  It turned into crazy school because Lydia was not going to miss this (it wasn't naptime yet), and though Stevie wanted to do school, as I suspected, his interest didn't last super long because he just got a little wild with the markers.  The apple and caterpillar were blue of course.  We'll work on the color coordination as time goes on. ;)

At the end, I pulled out our Aquadoodle mat.  I believe I got the thing for 10 cents at a garage sale.  (I got a travel one for 25 cents at another one....good for church and   I really think I should have my own tv show on extreme garage saling...or something because I have scored awesome and amazing deals.  (I mean for real, I got an entire bin of girl's clothes for$10...and that included the Rubbermaid bin!). I'm cheap, and the kids and I went to sales all summer long.  Does such a show exist?  The show following would probably be Hoarders.  Anyway, I love the Aquadoodle more than the kids probably do.  In case you are unfamiliar, it uses water in markers and on paintbrushes to make your pictures or writing practice or whatever.  Completely mess free...just wet!

I had gotten these sponges from...the Dollar Tree (I really should get paid for my advertising), and I was pretty excited.  They were exactly what I wanted for the Aquadoodle and for painting, for sensory bins...whatever!  I snatched the fruit ones too for our unit on the Fruit of the Spirit in the Spring.  These were in their craft section.  So, we used the airplane today on our mat for the letter A.

I forgot to mention, there is a super cute youtube video for kids called Andy's Airplanes, a cartoon boy who flies planes.  He even gets to fly in the Blue Angels.  It's about a half hour and is actually a kids cartoon I can easily tolerate and even enjoy.  Cute music, educational, good story line.  Fits great with the A theme.  I really hope they are able to make more!

I just wanted to make a note of remember myself...because if there's a time I have two in homeschool, which is likely, I will need these extras!  Lydia keeps me hopping!

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