Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation #2

We had the best week last week at a family camp. I grew up going to this camp, and I dreamed of bringing my kids there. Check!
We had such a good time...sure, it could've been longer, Matt could've had time off from work to spend the whole week with us, and Lydia could've kept her cute chubby hands out of the toilet a few more times, but our time there was so worth it. We really needed that family time.

 Stevie would sum up his favorites this way:
*The hayride...well, the tractor
*Ice cream
*His 3-5 yr old class...he was SO excited to go every day! (I am SO proud of him! I cried picking him up the first day because 6 months ago I was worried sick about how he would do and how it would go with him in class. He's come so far, he played with other kids, and didnt want to leave every day!) *The playground
*Going down to see the water
*Ice Cream...that boy is his father's kid

Lydia would sum up her week this way:
*Swishing in the toilet
*Playing peekabo with the cute girl in the mirror in their bedroom
*Getting bumps and bruises
*Throwing cup and toys in the many trash cans throughout the cabin
*Wrestling in Mommy's arms or the front pack for every chapel and class while Mommy hoped I would sleep. I gave in a few times.
*Greeting everyone with a smile and a runny nose.

We had a good time, but I was so tired. My arms were physically sore from holding ...restraining?...Lydia every morning and evening for 1-2 hours. We also had nasty colds...great timing. By midweek, we started skipping morning chapels. This Mom needed arms for the rest of the day, especially with Matt working. We all had better mornings after that, haha. Yeah, they had nursery, but the morning time was nap time for her and so I'd rather hope she gets a little nap, and I hear something in the lesson time, than stay at the cabin missing everything while she napped. I wasn't ready to go a week of her missing that morning nap!

 We had a great time connecting with old friends, and I enjoyed the snack bar goodies after the kids went to sleep!! I just can't say enough about what a good week it was for Stevie. He just plain thrived in that environment! And unfortunately, the pictures we took just don't capture the enthusiasm he had for everything, and we forgot the camera for the hayride...oh well. It was a rough week for Lydia on the other hand, haha, but it can be tough being 15 months. She still had a good time overall, and I'm sure next year will be even better for her.  She sure had a blast checking everything out in the cabin and outside!  None of us wanted to leave and really hope to be able to go again next year!

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Amy said...

So glad you guys could come and enjoy the week.