Thursday, August 30, 2012

Letter A, Day 2

Today was our 2nd and "final" day of planned preschool for this week.

Here's what we did:

Our regular start with prayer, weather, calendar, and we did the pockets again with the same card and sticks for review.
Verse with motions John 1:3, "All things were made by him" and review of who we're praying for.
Quick recap of God's creation..."all things"

We read an apple book today, learning neat things about the apple, starts with A, and is one of God's great creations!  It has great pictures, "Apples for Everyone" by Jill Esbaum.  It shares so much simply...that I'm thinking of all the ways I could use it down the road in school.

(Lydia enjoyed the book later.  She is in love with all this school business, especially Stevie's table and chair....and the posters and school supplies and letter box.  I hope she keeps that enthusiasm!)

Then we moved to the table for our apple tree page from a teaching book I had and a dot letter page (I was given copies of the dot pages, but they can be found here.  I purchased my dot markers at the Dollar Tree...of course!
Ha, Stevie likes blue trees I guess, and in case you can't tell, the apples he glued on have pictures of A things.  Oh, we use clipboards for some things...really helps him not be distracted or frustrated by his papers slipping because this way, they don't!  I'm considering putting all of his work into a book...we'll see.

After some seat work, we moved back to the blanket to peek in our A box again (it's been dug into all week) and end with prayer including our A friends.

At lunch, we looked at a real apple, noticed it's colors and shape, and we cut it to find and count the seeds.  My picky guy wouldn't eat it...and we had a difficult time with the cutting part (he likes things to remain in their "normal" state...he's my sensory and order kid), but we did ok.  I ate some and so did Lydia.

Also, each week, I want to be sure I have a picture of Stevie with an object for the week.  My goal is to edit with text, Aa, and our verse....then stick it in one of those cheap little photo albums so he has his own ABC book, ta da!  Make sense?  Then he can teach Lydia with his little book...while birds sing sweetly in the background...or something.  If our pictures are good, haha, we may also print those off a little larger to use as our ABC wall border as we go...since we don't have one.  

That's A week in a nutshell.  We went on a nature walk to see "All things made by Him", and we've watched our airplane movie from the library, and we still have several A books to read.  Tomorrow, our craft/popsicle sticks go into our pail to make room for our B sticks!!

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