Tuesday, April 14, 2009

38 Days!!

I have 38 days left to go till my due date! How excited am I? Very! I've had some significant soreness that was just getting worse going down my legs, and my doctor says the baby's head is ready to go and sort of pushing on my pelvic bone and nerves. I call it the "cowboy syndrome" since I end up walking like a cowboy by the end of the day. Hoping that means the baby will come sooner rather than later.

Last Sunday, I had my baby shower! It was so wonderful to see so many friends, family, and church people. This baby sure is loved already! I am still blown away by all we were given. We are ready to bring this baby home. Pictures are on their way...I need to get them from my Mom then they'll be posted. We also have some pictures to post of that baby's room. So, be looking for a picture post! We got an amazing deal on our high chair. I love coupons and deals! Matt was excited to set it up, and I love seeing every glimpse of that. I told him there was no rush since the baby obviously won't need the high chair right away, but nevertheless, he wanted it all set up. He even put it right at the table...Oh, he makes me smile.

Funny little story. I have not been able to sleep very well lately and the week before the shower, I was just way too excited to sleep. I was thinking how this means we're getting closer to the baby's arrival and how blessed we are to be given this little miracle. So, one morning, I decided to write our baby story. (We totally could be on the show...haha, whatever.) I thought it might be neat to put together a few scrapbook pages with ultrasound pictures and little Matt and little Becky pictures. So the day before the shower, Matt and I went out to get some cute baby scrapbook paper on an errand run. I enlisted Matt to look down one end of the racks while I looked down the other. I found some boy paper for his pictures and wanted a girl sheet for mine. He pointed to a red page, and I doubled over laughing. He was completely serious, as always. The bottom of the sheet said in big letters, "Isn't she grand?" Apparently, he thinks I'm quite grand. So, I had him pull the sheet out all the way, so he could see all the other lovely sayings for a Grandma! This man makes me laugh more than anyone else. He has seriously given me contractions from laughing so hard. We did end up finding more appropriate paper to use for the occasion.

It's been interesting hearing all the comments and seeing all the looks I get when out and about. Yesterday, I got several. They usually include how big I look or how small I look (it's like different people see different me's). One cashier was quite talkative and asking me many questions. Being in a clothing store that does not sell maternity clothes, makes me feel quite awkward these days. I get these looks like, "you think you can really fit in that?" as I head to the dressing room. So, while checking out (yes, I got 2 shirts...I just buy them in the bigger sizes), I mention how hard it is to find maternity clothes. She just looked at me and said, "Well, you are pretty big!" Then in like another breath she asked how I stayed so slim. Huh? Didn't you just tell me I'm basically ...huge? (Matt enjoys calling, "Timberrr" when I, ahem, gracefully fall into bed at night!) Anyway, another cashier asked me when I was due. I said another month, and she said, "Ohh, right in the heat of the summer!" She must not be from around here. It could still be snowing!

So, a pictures' post is coming, and I'm still working on the post about the new blog name....and Saturday we have our birthing class! We should provide some good entertainment for our instructor and have some funny stories to share.

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